“Why do you cry so much after the apparition – Mirjana: “I feel the pain of separation from heaven”

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Q. Why do you cry so much after the apparitions?

Mirjana Dragicevic: When I am with Our Lady and see Her face, it’s like being in heaven. Then when She goes I feel the pain of separation. That is why I need to remain in prayer for some hours afterwards to give myself time to recover and realize that I must continue my life here on earth.


Q. What are the messages which Our Lady insists on the most?

Mirjana Dragicevic

The same ones as always. One of the most frequent is the invitation to participate in the Holy Mass not only on Sundays, but as often as possible. Once She told the six of us (visionaries): “If you have Mass to attend at the hour of the apparition, you must choose the Mass without hesitation, because during the Mass my Son Jesus is with you.” She also asks for fasting; the best type being bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays. She asks for the Rosary, especially in the family. With regards to this She said: “There is nothing more effective for uniting a family than the Rosary said by parents and children together.”
Mary also desires that we confess at least once a month. Once She said: “There is not a single man on the earth who does not need to confess once a month.” She also requests that we return to the Bible; at least a small reading from the Gospel each day. It is absolutely necessary, however, that families read the Word of God together and reflect on and with it. The Bible is to be placed in a visible part of the house and not forgotten in some dark corner.
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