Pope Francis ‘Mary is always present at the bedside of her children …’Special words about Mary who came to the bedside of those who died alone afflicted by the coronavirus


THE AUDIENCE – Pope Francis, in the catechesis of today’s audience, said: ” Mary is always present at the bedside of her children who depart from this world .. If someone finds himself alone and abandoned, she is a mother, she is nearby. , as she was next to her Son when everyone had abandoned him ”.

He also added: ” Mary was and is present in the days of the pandemic, close to the people who unfortunately ended their earthly journey in a condition of isolation, without the comfort of the closeness of their loved ones “. 

Pope Francis (Vatican Media)

“ Mary is always there, beside us, with her maternal tenderness ”, the Pope assured: “ The prayers addressed to her are not in vain. Woman of the ‘yes’, who readily accepted the Angel’s invitation, also responds to our pleas, listens to our voices, even those that remain closed in the heart, that do not have the strength to go out but that God knows better than ourselves. Listens to them as a mother. Like and more than any good mother, Mary defends us in danger, she worries about us, even when we are caught up in our things and lose the sense of the path, and we endanger not only our health but our salvation. Mary is there, praying for us, praying for those who do not pray. To pray with us, why? Because she is our Mother ”.

Our Lady  ” occupies a privileged place in life and, therefore, also in the prayer of the Christian, because she is the mother of Jesus “. (Source avvenire.it)