Mirjana explains why June 25 is anniversary of Apparitions – not June 24…Watch at minute 5:30

June 24th-25th, 1981: Six young children, ages10 – 16 (Marija, Mirjana, Vicka, Ivan, Jakov, and Ivanka), allegedly begin receiving visions in the small village of Medjugorje, located in Bosnia-Hercegovina (diocese of Mostar).

Just a few days after the apparitions began, the communist government began to persecute the children, believing that they were anti-socialist nationalists, and hostile to the Communist Party. The police took the children by force to the Mostar mental facility, to a morgue, and to various other places intended to scare the children into confessing the staging of lies to subvert the government. 1

 At one point, the police even held a gun to Vicka’s head, believing her to be the leader of the children and the mastermind behind the hoax. They also proceeded to harass the parents of the children as well, taking them into custody and ordering them to forbid their children from going to the church. 2