In latest Medjugorje message, Father Livio is concerned that the Blessed Mother, for the first time, used the word “Pagans” to describe much of humanity. He explains why.

Reflection on  the message of July 25, 2021 given by Our Lady in Medjugorje.

 Message to Marija, July 25, 2021
“Dear children! I am calling you to be prayer for all those who do not pray. Little children, witness with your lives the joy that you are mine and God will heed your prayers and give you peace in this peaceless world where pride and selfishness reign. Little children, you be generous and be the love of my love, so that pagans can feel that you are mine and convert to my Immaculate Heart. Thank you for having responded to my call. ”

Dear friends, in this wonderful message the Queen of Peace reminds us of our responsibilities to help her save souls and the very future of the world in this moment in which restlessness, pride and selfishness reign.

Our Lady from the beginning of her apparitions has shown herself concerned about the spiritual pandemic that has affected a large part of humanity, especially the West.

She recently warned that “the Faith and the Cross” have been rejected and that, due to the spread of apostasy, “Satan is harvesting souls”.

Medjugorje: the comment of Father Livio Fanzaga

In particular, Our Lady for the first time uses the word “pagans” to indicate the people to whom we must bear our testimony.

This means that faith in many parts of the world is disappearing and that society has become atheist, materialistic and idolatrous, thus starting a new era of paganism.

The spiritual situation of humanity is dramatic and fraught with unimaginable dangers.

But Our Lady asks to mobilize us by becoming a prayer for those who do not pray; witnessing the joy of being his; to be “love of his love” so that pagans convert.

If we accept the invitation of the Mother “God will answer your prayers and give you peace”. We are called to give a generous response because the salvation of souls and the future of humanity depend on it.

Your Father Livio