The Word “Mir” Appears on Statue of Mary… “Mir” means “Peace” in Croation

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This Photo of Our Lady of Lourdes inside St. James Church comes from Medjugorje Council of Ireland. Mystic Post is looking into the details of this photo. If anybody knows the full story about this please leave a comment or email Mystic Post… thanks Steve Ryan

Look to the left of the Virgin Mary’s hand and you will see the word “Mir” Some are claiming the word appeared “supernaturally. 

Jon Elliott Do you believe it is supernatural?


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Joseph Charlton Yes they found it when they moved the statue from the front of church in front of the altar to were she is now. They cleaned the statue and found the word MIR. In that position. ??

One thought on “The Word “Mir” Appears on Statue of Mary… “Mir” means “Peace” in Croation

  • I believe that is a photo of the statue in St. James on the right side of altar.

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