Medjugorje: Interview of Father Livio with Vicka: ‘Our Lady is about twenty years old and is always beautiful’ Visionary describes the Queen of Peace


Here is a small excerpt from an interview with Vicka conducted by Father Livio in Medjugorje on August 3, 1998 live from Radio Maria


Father Livio: In your opinion, how old is Our Lady showing?

Vicka: About twenty years and she is always so young and beautiful! And that’s why I don’t consider her so much as a mother, but rather as a friend. But not a friend who doesn’t come to see you or, if she comes, then she goes away without listening to you. She is a true friend, to whom you tell everything; and she takes it to heart. 

Video Above: “Those who touch Heaven”

We see that he has great love for everyone and prays for all of us. He has a great patience to come every day from Heaven here on earth to tell us: ” If you knew how much I love you, you would cry for joy “. Unfortunately, we don’t understand this love! At first we got caught up in it, but then we forget it.


Our Lady, as Mother, tells us that she loves everyone with the same love. She doesn’t love Vicka more than Father Livio or any of you. I only have this great gift of the apparition, but I never say that Our Lady loves me more than others, because she loves everyone in the same way. I am only a servant to help others, as God wanted, but Our Lady has the same love for everyone.