Jennifer, the American Mystic who hears whispers from Jesus – New Message “The eagle is about to take flight”

Source “Words from Jesus” August 2023

My Child, be at peace and do not lose hope for the eagle is about to take flight. Many ask why I did not answer their prayers; many seek to question My true existence. My Child, if I answered prayers in the manner in which mankind interpreted, then it would fail to reveal the many faces of evil. Many have prayed and continue to, for it is through prayer that the soul begins to recognize the deception that is in front of them. The conscience responds when faith and trust work together. Listen, listen to the words that I have given you during these times that I have come and placed these words on your heart, that I have spoken these words to you. I never abandon My Faithful Children. All that has been concealed is being pierced by the light, for I Am Jesus and be at peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


My Child remember that a good carpenter must dismantle in order to reconstruct. When it appears as if all is beginning to dismantle, know that it is part of My plan. What mankind has done is dismantle My creation, My plan. You must weed out evil where it is rooted because where evil is planted, that is where sin resides. Do not lose hope. I have been warning My people for a long time that the great shifting has come. Governments will crumble all around this world. My people will rise up to rebel that their voices are being silenced. The time has come when I am calling those who I have prepared to be as Jeremiah and Elijah to guide My people through this time of rebuilding. Open the Scriptures and take heed to the Gospel message; gather in prayer and raise your petitions to your Heavenly Father. Now go forth, cleanse your soul, and take heed to My words, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


My child, there are many today within the walls of government that continue to eat the forbidden fruit. There are leaders today who seek to lead in the name of truth, yet their actions are that of Judas. My child do not despair for this is a time when the world will begin to share in the wounds of My passion. When your heart aches at the site of My little ones being mercilessly slaughtered within the womb of its mother know that your conscience is responding too truth. When the innocence of My children is being stripped away in the name of lust and greed the earth can only begin to tremble. This world has entered into a time that is calling upon the prophets of today to rise up and not fear for the world will begin to crumble around you, but it is your time, your hour to lead My sheep back to its Shepherd. This is an hour of awakening and for the world to get down on its knees and repent. I tell My children to pray, pray with an open heart and when you pray you are surrendering your petition to your Father in Heaven for I am Jesus and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

Who is Jennifer:

Jennifer is a young American mother and housewife (her last name is withheld at her spiritual director’s request in order to respect the privacy of her husband and family.) She was, perhaps, what one would have called a “typical” Sunday-going Catholic who knew little about her faith and even less about the Bible. She thought at one time that “Sodom and Gomorrah” were two people and that “the Beatitudes” were the name of a rock band. Then, during Communion at Mass one day, Jesus began to audibly speak to her giving messages of love and warning telling her, “My child, you are the extension of My message of Divine Mercy.” Since her messages focus more on the justice that must come to an unrepentant world, they do indeed fill in the latter part of St. Faustina’s message:

Jennifer the Messenger

In April of 2001 while I was at Mass I began to hear the words,
“Come to Me.” These words continued to repeat. I was
wondering who was whispering in my ear, yet it did not sound
like a whisper. The voice that I was hearing was a man’s voice,
but very soft and gentle. After Mass I asked my husband if he
heard the person speaking those words. He said, “No.” Every
Sunday after that I continued to hear the same words and the
closer I came to receiving the Eucharist the stronger the words

In July of 2001, I asked who he was and what he wanted. His
response was, “I am He who came to shed the sins of the
world.” I did not understand what these words meant and felt
like I was going crazy. I prayed and prayed for God to take it
away because I did not know who I could talk to and thought
people would think badly of me.

In November of 2001, while at Mass, Jesus spoke to me and
said, “My child, look up, My chosen son before you is the one
who is chosen to guide you. Now go forth and tell him these
words I give you.” I was so happy that Jesus told me who I could
talk to, yet at the same time I was in fear of this priest who might
think badly of me.
After a couple of months of putting it off and not telling this priest
the words that Jesus gave me, it was placed on my heart so
heavily one day that I needed to speak with this priest. So I
called him and told him that, “This will most likely be the
strangest phone call you will ever receive, but I am hearing this
voice that told me that I am supposed to call you and tell you
these words.” His response to me was, “How soon can you
come into my office?”

We set up an appointment for my husband

“Do you have time to talk now?” So we went to his office and
talked and I informed him about everything that Jesus said to
me. On January 27, 2002, my husband and I met with Father
again and I told him everything that Jesus said. Father said,
“Every time you hear him I want you to write it down.” For a year
I wrote down everything Jesus said but I would get frustrated
and thought that I was going crazy. In February of 2003, I
prayed and asked that if it was coming from God that He give
me a sign.

On March 3, 2003 at 3:00 pm, Jesus said, “My child, I want you
to write down this message for the world for you are My chosen
instrument. Do not fear for fear does not come from Me for I
have been preparing you for this mission.” So I went and got my
notebook and wrote down the first message for the world. As of
March 19, 2007, I have received over 1,700 messages. Some
are personal, some are for my spiritual advisor and some are for
the world.

I begin to hear the first words over and over until I write them
and then Jesus will give me the rest of them. I write down the
date and time and number the message. I feel completely at
peace when I hear Jesus. I am never in fear because his vomeice
sounds so loving.He tells me all the time that if mankind only
knew the depth of His love.