Medjugorje July 30, 2019: Visionary Marija – “The image of the Flower appeared to me three times…I could not understand what this vision meant so I asked Our lady”

Marija Pavlovic, seer, says: “During the prayer, the image of a flower appeared to me three times. The first time was wonderful, fresh, colorful. And I was happy!Then I saw the same flower closed, withered, had completely lost its beauty. I was sad! But, here a drop of water fell on the withered flower and it immediately regained all its freshness and its splendor! I tried to understand what this vision could mean to me, but I could not do it … So I decided to ask the Madonna during one of her apparitions.

I told her: “My Madonna, what does it mean what I saw during the prayer? What was the meaning of that flower? “Our Lady smiled and replied:” Your heart is like that flower. Every heart is marvelous in the beauty created by God. But when sin comes, the flower fades and the fading disappears. That drop dropped on the flower to revive it, is the symbol of Confession. You, when you are in sin, can not help you alone: ​​you need help “.


Dear friend! I am sure that something, at least, of this experience narrated by the seer Marija is part of your reality. Many times you too have heard that your heart is like a flower, throbbing with love, joy and peace; ready to give happiness to others and ready to love anyone, disinterestedly. But, of course, you also experienced and experienced moments when it seemed closed, wounded, withered, without happiness or hope, without peace or love. Unfortunately, these are the most difficult and tiring moments, both for yourself and for those around you. But then something always happened and, immediately, you reinvigorated, you sang again, you still gave happiness!

This booklet, born from the experience of the events of Medjugorje, wants to be a help for your journey. It wants to help you understand how your heart can become and remain forever beautiful, flower in bud, full of freshness, ready to give off a PERFUME OF PEACE and RECONCILIATION. In Medjugorje many hearts have become like this! Many families have become an oasis of happiness and peace because they have experienced the renewal of the conscience benefited by the dew of God’s mercy generously descending on everyone!


This booklet wishes to help you to blossom the flower of your soul and to enjoy its fruits: LOVE, BONTA ‘, FORGIVENESS, CHARITY, PEACE, BENEVOLENCE, STRENGTH, WISDOM! He wants to be near you to carry out fertilizing and de-polluting work with you!

Only the fruits of the soul make man happy. And even when the deepest abysses of sin are touched, the intent of these pages will not be to carry out an act of justice on you or to scare you, but to ignite the enthusiasm for renewing your life again.According to the belief of millions of believers, Our Lady is educating us for the future. She is leading us to the Temples dedicated to her to celebrate the 2000 years of Jesus’ birth together. So stay with us for so long! As he said in a message: “I am with you so long because I want to teach you how you love”.

If this booklet really turns out to be the fruit of the school of Our Lady, then no one will feel condemned and everyone will find the strength to begin to love God, who is Forgiveness and Love. I never heard that someone came back from Medjugorje with the “fear of God”. On the contrary, many have asserted: “Immediately I understood that God is love, charity and forgiveness”. Many have begun to love the Lord who is Father and who holds for the good of his children, who serenely awaits and is met by everyone.

This booklet, therefore, wants to help us all to meet with God who creates and renews, who loves every one of his creatures and is saddened by those who are afraid of him! This booklet is simply to be what the messages of Our Lady constitute for the parish of Medjugorje (valid for all those who want to welcome them): an encouragement along the path that leads to PEACE. In the light of the message we can say: “Nobody has the right to have doubts, to despair, to be afraid, to stop moving forward”.


We often hear the question: “Why does not Our Lady reproach her in her messages ?! Why does he no longer show the problems and sins of the world, from which all problems originate? “

The answer is clear: the Madonna is Mother. She has faith in her children, she knows her children know what is not good and what is not right. But he also knows that many times it is easier to discern “what can not be” than “what can and must be done”! This is why it is always positive, always encourages, urges and never gets tired.

And when we follow the right path to follow Our Lady, then the fears that arise from sin are revealed, man is more easily decided to fight against evil and the destruction that accompanies him!

I am convinced that everyone can experience what she told us: “Do what I tell you and you will never regret”!

Reflection from the volume: Give me your wounded heart of Fr. Slavko Barbaric