Novena to the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje – seventh day June 22, 2019

Source La Luce di Maria

There was a day when some seers found themselves far from the place of the apparitions, but the Virgin called them to prayer anyway and , at the same time, they appeared, where they were. 
Even when, for a period, the police prevented them from going to that holy place, the Virgin did not fail to show herself and to deliver her messages of peace.  The prayers, meanwhile, intensified throughout the parish, thanks to the faithful who flocked to Medjugorje and thanks to the parish priest, Father Jozo Zovko , who summoned them to the Church.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Prayer to the Queen of Peace: 
Mother of God and our Mother Mary, Queen of Peace! You have come among us to guide us to God. By him, impose grace on us so that, on your example, we can not only say: “Let it be of me according to your Word”, but also put it into practice. In your hands, we put our hands, so that, through our miseries and difficulties, he can accompany us to him. For Christ our Lord. Amen.

The recitation of the Veni Creator Spiritus and the Glorious Mysteries follows.

“Dear children! Today, I invite you to love, which is pleasing and dear to God. Little children, love accepts everything, all that is hard and bitter, because of Jesus who is love.Therefore, dear children, pray to God to come to your aid, but not according to your desires, but according to his love!

Abandon yourself to God, so that he can heal you, console you and forgive you all that is in you an impediment on the path of love. Thus God will be able to shape your life and you will grow in love. Glorify God, children, with the hymn to Charity (1 Cor 13), so that God’s love may grow in you from day to day, until its fullness. Thank you for having responded to my call! “(Message of June 25, 1988).

The Litanies to the Virgin Mary follow.

Final prayer: Love is the sign through which we recognize those who are your disciples, Lord. Thank you for every response of love made in giving and in service to others. We pray you for every member of the Medjugorje prayer centers and groups, so that they can show the narrow road, the only one that leads to you, with ever more courage and determination, together with your Mother , in the families and places where they live.Help them grow, day by day, towards the fullness of your love. Amen.

Antonella Sanicanti