Medjugorje: A prayer for healing and liberation July 7, 2019

Come, Mary, and live in this house. Just as the Church and all humanity were consecrated to your Immaculate Heart, so we, in perpetuity, entrust and consecrate our family to your Immaculate Heart. You who are Mother of Divine Grace obtain for us to live always in the grace of God and in peace among us.

Stay with us; we welcome you with the hearts of children, unworthy, but eager to always be yours, in life, in death and in eternity. Stay with us as you lived in the house of Zechariah and Elizabeth; how you were joy in the house of the spouses of Cana; how you were a mother to the Apostle John. Bring us Jesus Christ, Way, Truth and Life. Remove sin and all evil from us.

Always be with us, in joys and sorrows, and above all, make one day all the members of this family find themselves united with you in Heaven

In this house be Mother of Grace, Master and Queen. Give each of us the spiritual and material graces we need; especially increase faith, hope, charity. Stir up among our dear holy vocations.

3 thoughts on “Medjugorje: A prayer for healing and liberation July 7, 2019

  • Heal. My son younger son in Jesus. Name.

  • Please Virgin Mary Mother of God pray for me to receive from GID Grace of Faith

  • Sorry I mean God not Gid

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