Father Chad Ripperger, is a well-known Catholic priest and exorcist who has been working as an exorcist of the Catholic Church for more than 15 years and, in addition, through conferences, lectures, and books, he constantly educates the faithful public about the concept of ‘spiritual warfare’, which is an unavoidable term of great importance for the times in where he was.

In one lecture, Father Ripperger talked about the state of the world, the horror of ‘communism’ in which we find ourselves in recent years, and testified that the number of people who need exorcism is increasing dramatically, i.e. those who enter the occult and Satanism, but also those who are not necessarily possessed but live in grave sin (slavery to Satan) constantly, and he further warned that a huge group of people do not even live a normal moral life, which is why the people of the world are in danger.

Because, as Father Ripperger explains; the demonic world has been raging madly at people in recent years which is manifested in many areas, especially in the area of ​​marriage and family. Given that it will be, as he says, even more difficult and painful especially for those who are not in a state of grace, Father Ripperger from his rich treasury of spiritual warfare gives six instructions that parents and families should follow in these times.

Father Chad Ripperger: 6 tips for protecting families and children

1. We discovered that it is most effective for creating a good atmosphere in the home if parents pray the prayer ‘Angel of the Lord’ at 6, 12 and 6 pm. There is something about it that protects people in spiritual warfare and we are just beginning to understand what it is concretely and I think it has to do with the discipline itself.

2. We always ask people if the father is the head of the family and if the mother is subordinate to the father in a properly arranged way? Because the dynamic that children see in that line between spouses sets the tone for the line in the rest of the family. Many of the problems we see are the result of improper order between spouses. True order is not about her doing what he tells her, that’s not what it’s about. Rather, do they love each other, and do they work for each other’s benefit. Do they recognize that their main obligations are those they have to each other; husband to wife and wife to husband. That relationship is important, and that’s why I always tell them that if they want to help their children, they must first correct their own relationship with each other.

3. Parents must pray for the protection of their children on a daily basis, especially today because the spiritual warfare is so intense. You really need to pray every day for the protection of your children.

4. Pray to Our Lady of Sorrows (under that exact name) if you want to know exactly what is happening in the lives of your children. Things are often hidden and the parents only find out later what happened. This is a way for parents to find out and to solve the matter faster.

5. Then there is the regular dedication of the family, individual problems of the family and members, to Our Lady.

6. Next, the consecration of external goods. If parents dedicate themselves to the family and the problems they face in the family, we have found that it has a tremendous effect on strengthening the family, eradicating family flaws and problems.

Of course, parents should also lead a regular prayer life and teach their children to pray, so that when moments of temptation come and when they start to notice things, they have the discipline of regular prayer that they can rely on.”