Ivan’s urgent plea in Medjugorje: She needs you. You are the future of the Church. You are the future of the world. And a world of peace is possible. It is possible through you. Don’t wait for someone else to start, it will be a waste of time. “

A paternal letter from Visionary Ivan that expresses all the love of the seer towards the new generations, who live a difficult time, confused and marked by an escalation of evil that flatters them with false promises, misleads them, depriving them of the true and most precious good for their life: Jesus.

Medjugorje: letter from the visionary Ivan

“Dear priests, dear friends in Christ, and especially you young people who are so dear to my heart. I greet you in a special way during this different Mladifest, in which we pray and celebrate the love of Jesus and Mary. Our Lady says: “Those who pray are not afraid of the future”. You don’t have to be afraid. My dear young people, you must not fear the future. All events are in the hands of God. Jesus invites you to trust in him and to pray, to speak to him and to live it in your heart.
We have entered a difficult period in the Church and in the world. But remember that during this trial period, we are regenerated by the wisdom of God. Our Lady continues saying: “Children, I need you to help me realize my plans”. This call is for you too! Our Lady cares for young people in a special way, they are the pupil of her eyes. He loves you with tender love. It is very difficult to describe the love he has for you and how he looks at you, one by one. It is an indescribable love, so beautiful, so tender, so sublime.

Open yourself to the action of the Holy Spirit

Our Mother needs you. First open your heart with prayer. Pray more from the heart. In one of her messages, Our Lady said: “(…) especially the young people of this parish are more active in their prayers”. He also said on another occasion: “Above all I want to tell young people to be more open to the Holy Spirit, because God wants to draw you to Himself in these days when Satan is at work”. Our Lady constantly watches over you, guides you constantly, more than ever in these turbulent times.
The Queen of Peace asks everyone to return to God. My dear young people, the world cannot offer the hope and peace that Christ gives us.  True peace only comes from Jesus. Jesus is your peace! Pray to receive this peace. Adverse times arise in the hearts of people who do not know God. This must not happen to you. Open your hearts and pray, pray, pray to get to know God better and that everyone can feel that love and peace of God with your example. Prayer in Christ brings peace to the heart. Only when the soul finds peace in God will it be satisfied.

rosary - prayer

Medjugorje: the importance of the sacraments and the Rosary

Today, my dear young people, live this message of peace and hope, for everyone, in your families, with friends, in your environment, in the world.
Dear young people, you often receive the sacraments, in particular confession and the Eucharist . The sacraments are your renewal and your strength. Constantly pray the Rosary. With the Rosary you will overcome all the misfortunes that Satan is trying to inflict on each of you and the world. Respond daily to his call, to the prayer of the Rosary. The Rosary brings you peace.
Dear young people, take the time to worship Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Spend time in silence to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit more clearly in your lives. Live the messages of the Queen of Peace. Become an excellent student at His school of love.
Do not be afraid, ‘those who pray must not fear the future’. Jesus says in the scriptures: ‘Do not be afraid’. Jesus sends his Mother and tells her to tell her children not to be afraid.

Medjugorje: you are the future of the Church and the world

Our Lady comes in a special way to invite the young people of the world to pray for Peace. She needs you. You are the future of the Church. You are the future of the world. And a world of peace is possible. It is possible through you. Don’t wait for someone else to start, it will be a waste of time. Start today and follow the call of Our Lady and live her messages with more commitment.

2 thoughts on “Ivan’s urgent plea in Medjugorje: She needs you. You are the future of the Church. You are the future of the world. And a world of peace is possible. It is possible through you. Don’t wait for someone else to start, it will be a waste of time. “

  • DEAR IVAN, Unfortunately, what you are saying is nice and sweet to the ear, it has no bearing on reality with young people
    It is completely ineffective, waste of time. It is condensending and it is this stubborn unimaginative method of evangelizing people who should be informed about BASIC EXISTENCE of “entities or forces ” that we cannot see and touch physically. Yours preaching is for already converted who want to improve their spiritual life.
    By nature such preaching is “elitist” whether he likes or not.
    These are totally “paganized” people need BASIC INTTRDUCTION into realm of life/forms of existence that cannot be measured or weighed by our “material” way of thinking created and DEEPENED by capitalistic emphasis on material profit.
    It is this “hard core” reality that need to be tackled first.
    The issue is here is a “mindset” of presenter. There no way around it.
    People today are ignorant. But with right start and logical approach it is possible to build a coherent way of evangelizing that would “build on” existing models and to FIND for those secular forms an EQUIVALENT of forms of life/existence that was not “produced” by capitalistic profit taking “structures”.
    This is the ONLY way to proceed. Proof: why Jesus was using parables to his contemporaries. EXACTLY. Now you see a similarity of the situation See St. PAUL’S letters.
    Can’t you see that “flesh” is not just a nude body but the immoral exploitative system, where in preparatory method one person is taught to exploit another person or environment to make money thereby destroying the notion of love, empathy, and building a caring community.
    Ivan, if you get a chance to read this tiny paragraph, you’ll see what I am talking about. Honestly, no need to get A university degree.
    Ending this, I’ll give you quckie example. When young male or girl wants bought a pair of Jeans to delineate their attractive body, tell or ask them if they ever thought that their pretty looking bodies are creation of God. That positive outlook on oneself is not bad as long as we would like to contribute in some creative way to build a good sound relationship with another person.
    In words, to act with an idea of achieving or to have positive goal in your life. Currently, a consumer society as created by profit- capitalistic system offers NO opportunity to hone a sharing SOUL FORMING MODELS. And that why we need a different set of PARABLES for capitalistic Corinth of St. Paul’s ERA.
    Thank IVAN for reading this.
    And may God richly bless you.
    Peter Zawadowski
    24th of July, 2021.

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