Powerful message from Fr. Livio “I noticed that over the past year, Madonna’s worries have increased significantly…This is a turning point.”

“Dear children, At this time, I am calling you to return to God and to prayer. Invoke the help of all the saints, for them to be an example and a help to you. satan is strong and is fighting to draw all the more hearts to himself. he wants war and hatred. That is why I am with you for this long, to lead you to the way of salvation, to Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Little children, return to the love for God and He will be your strength and refuge. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Fr. Livio Radio Maria:

The Virgin Mary in the last message on October 25 said that we are experiencing a time of agitation and confusion that also arises from this time of pandemic.

Agitation is an existential state of insecurity, but also of anger and sometimes of hate, which shatters our lives and our days.
Confusion is loss, an inability to understand exactly what is happening.
In this state of confusion, agitation, depression, anger, the Virgin Mary is here to tell us the words of faith, she’s here to explain what’s really going on, she shows us the difficulties, she shows us which enemy is par excellence and the way to go get out of it.

In this way the Virgin Mary not only calms us, but also empowers us.
What the Queen of Peace gives us with her messages is precious, irreplaceable and indispensable help.

Vicka describes Hell

The Virgin Mary never mentioned the Coronavirus epidemic, but she used the word ′′ proof “, she announced that trials will come and consequences could be hardening the heart, further away from God.
Following messages for a long time, I noticed that over the past year, Madonna’s worries have increased significantly.

There’s a breakthrough, on the other hand she also said: ′′ this is a turning point “, so we’ve entered a phase of testing.

The Virgin Mary also used the expression ′′ wake time “, watch over and pray.

′′ Watch and pray “, are Jesus’ words in Gethsemane as the time of darkness approached, the empire of darkness.

During these long forty years, the Madonna has accompanied us even in very difficult times.

For the first ten years the Virgin Mary prepared us and we helped her especially in a very difficult passage of history that was the fall of the Soviet Empire, which could have started a world war.

In the message of January 25, 1991, the Virgin Mary used the words she used today: ′′ Satan is strong and wants to destroy not only your human life, but also the nature and planet on which you live “.
Today he said: ′′ Satan is strong and wants war and hate “.
Then started the war in Bosnia that lasted four years.
The Virgin Mary was fundamental to the end of that war with the prayer and fasting of all those who answered the call.

The Virgin Mary, in time of this last year, sees three levels.
The first level is the sin of apostasy. We rejected faith and cross, it’s the time humanity put itself in God’s place.

It’s the time Satan managed to seize the world.
In the second level the Virgin Mary counterbalanced this revelation of reality, saying in the message of September 25, 2020: ′′ God loves you and sends me to save you and the Earth you live on “.

In the third level the Madonna indicates behaviors: the rejection of faith and of the cross, therefore a pro satan side, and at the same time those who instead return to God and prayer and bear witness to Him who is the way, the truth and life.

But how does Satan destroy our lives and the planet we live on?
The Virgin Mary said it: with war!
I understand that the Virgin Mary clearly says that the world is at risk of world war. In the world there is hate and there is competition for world domination, new technologies, new destruction capabilities.
Many people say that war in today’s world is impossible, the eastern and western systems depend on each other economically, at best there are limited wars.

Surely war doesn’t suit anyone, but there is the inspirational, Satan wants to destroy the world and influence the human minds, the human minds of those who don’t pray, those who don’t answer the call, those who say God isn’t there and wants be the master of the world.
When you enter into this power logic anything is possible.
In the last century with the two world wars, scary things happened, tens of millions of deaths, destruction, horrible things, what men were forced to do!

With war hell debunks on earth.
The Virgin Mary highlights a tremendous spiritual pandemic, which is man’s rebellion against God, the man who wants to put himself in God’s place.

Maybe there are also other dangers that the Virgin Mary doesn’t detail, but that we can imagine.
Maybe in a few years, as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said, we will even get to the abolition of the creation, of the man born of a man and a woman, it will come to the construction of a man, like a programmed, teleguided machine.

These are scenarios that are already in place, it’s the robotization of humanity.
Behind this is Satan who wants to build a world in his own image and similarity and this is happening.

It’s a world with no future, no prospects, it’s a deception.
Satan’s strength is the power of deception, of the mass media that serves those who, at the top of the tower of babel, want humanity to govern.
Satan has a great force of attraction and draws people into this project, that’s why the Virgin Mary says: ′′ Satan is strong and fights to attract as many hearts as possible “.

Satan mies souls and the Virgin Mary told us to be careful not to be drawn to this pride, this bullying, this tracoteness.
The presence of the Virgin Mary has existential, social and political value.

Now what should we do? What the Virgin Mary tells us to do is a very simple thing that depends only on us, on our freedom, as long as we have it, our mind, our heart.

We must open our heart to God, return to God, affirm God’s primacy over man, power, his will of dominion, as the Virgin Mary said: ′′ Only Jesus is Way, Truth and Life “.

Beware, the Virgin Mary calls us, doesn’t say I invite you: ′′ In this time I call you to return to God and to prayer “.

And then he tells us that in this tremendous battle, since we are weak and few, he tells us to call Heaven’s Church to help: ′′ Call on all the Saints to help you so that they may be an example and help you “.
In this battle, the Saints and souls of Purgatory fighting with us against the Satanic dictatorship over humanity.

The Saints are an example of charity, of holiness, but also of courage until martyrdom and help our weak forces in battle, because deep down it’s about resisting, firm in faith, because if you resist, others fall apart, because they are puppies, without God they are dry leaves.

Satan is unleashed, he wants to seize the world and the Virgin Mary explains to us and says: ′′ Therefore I am with you for so long “, if we hadn’t hadn’t had the Virgin Mary in these 40 years, poor us, who would have us, who would have us Enlightened, who would have helped us, ′′ to guide you in the path of salvation “, thank goodness there is the Virgin Mary who, with her presence and messages, guides us to the path of salvation, and salvation is a person, Jesus, is ′′ He who is away, truth and life “.

The last sentence is of an incomparable beauty: ′′ Children, return to love towards God and He will be your strength and refuge “.
Battles of this kind are only made by the force of love.

Everything is done for love, for love for your wife, for your husband, for your children, even for the love of your motherland you do wonderful things, but love for God, God’s love is something exciting.
One drop of God’s love is enough in your heart and you burst with joy and you wish you could die, as Mirjana says: ′′ When I see the Virgin Mary I don’t remember anymore of my husband and children, I would never want to come back to this world “.

You draw this love in prayer, because in prayer you experience God’s love, He infuses his strength into you. This world of the devil, of oppressive power, you bring it down with God’s strength: ′′ and He will be your strength and your refuge “. Read Psalm 17.

Life is good if you live for God, life is good if you work for God, life is good if you know that God is the one who will hug us. Life is good, but it’s also a great battle, the salvation of our immortal soul is up for grabs 💖