The Devil is real: New book on Rome exorcist reveals how he terrified the Devil himself…”I am Lucifer”


The Devil is Afraid of Me: The Life and Work of the World’s Most Famous Exorcist
March 26, 2020


BOSTON — Father Gabriele Amorth was a master of spiritual combat and, at the time of his death in 2016, the world’s most famous exorcist. 

For more than 30 years, the Italian priest literally battled the devil by performing more than 60,000 exorcisms.

In the eye-opening pages of the new book “The Devil is Afraid of Me: The Life and Work of the World’s Most Famous Exorcist” (Sophia Institute Press, 2020), angelologist Fr. Marcello Stanzione reveals fascinating details of Fr. Amorth’s career—details that have never before appeared in print.

Stanzione explains how Fr. Amorth managed to perform dozens of exorcisms each week, what his exorcism room looked like, and the ways in which the various demons he confronted responded to his bold practice.

Throughout the book Amorth offers startling explanations of numerous forgotten truths about the devil—and about the canny methods he has adopted in recent years to corrupt believers and unbelievers alike.

Most startlingly, Stanzione describes Amorth’s first solo exorcism where he clashes with Satan himself. When the exorcist asked for the help of Jesus, the possessed man fixed his gaze on him and began to curse, howl, foam at the mouth, and threaten to attack him physically. Amorth then ordered the demon to tell him his name and received the chilling response: “I am Lucifer.”

This confrontation continues, and Fr. Amorth’s career as an archenemy of Lucifer continues, all captured in vivid detail in the book.

Questions “The Devil is Afraid of Me” answers for readers include:

Can a person in the afterlife enter spiritually into a living person?
Which prayers of liberation are the most successful?
What are the methods a demon uses to enter souls?
What are the six characteristics of evil spells?

Fr. Amorth’s previous books with Sophia Institute include “Father Amorth: My Battle Against Satan” and the bestselling “An Exorcist Explains the Demonic.”

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