Important Medjugorje Message November 25, 2023 – (A World without hope)

Latest Medjugorje Message, November 25, 2023

Dear children! May this time be interwoven with prayer for peace and good deeds, so that the joy of the expectation of the King of Peace may be felt in your hearts, families and in the world which does not have hope. Thank you for having responded to my call. ”

The task of the six seers in the time of secrets

Dearest Father Livio,

I read with great interest what Vicka revealed about the role of visionaries in the time of secrets.

It is a theme that was little developed, with the idea that Mirjana and the Priest she had chosen were the main actors.

But what do you think could be the task of the other visionaries?

Will everyone be present in Medjugorje in those dramatic days?

What can you answer based on your knowledge?

Attilio from Trieste

Dear Attilio,

Let’s start by clarifying that the three visionaries who still have daily apparitions (Vicka, Ivan, Marija) do not yet know the tenth secret.

We know for sure that not only to Mirjana, but also to others, Our Lady has explained the details of the secrets over time.

There are also some personal secrets, but the main ones are the same for everyone, as Vicka told Father Bubalo.

I believe that the harmony of the visionaries is fundamental for the credibility of the revelations three days before.

There is no doubt that these all take place in Medjugorje, where the unity of the visionaries in their testimony will be fundamental for the parishioners and for all of us.

The most dramatic revelations, from the fourth to the tenth secret, will be supported by the sign on the hill of apparitions

 Medjugorje in the time of secrets will be the hope of the world more than ever.

Ave Maria

Father Livio