Civitveccia “Russia will March to Rome ” – Blessed Elena Aiello

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Good morning Father Livio,

And thanks as always for your words. This morning listening to his press review and the construction of Russian military bases in Libya, I could not help but connect the tears of the statuette of Mary in Civitavecchia which began on 2 February 1995.

Civitavecchia has been the most important port near Rome since ancient times. I then connected that the Russians will land right there, because it is the fastest way to reach Rome and St. Peter’s.

The messages that were given by Holy Mary to the Gregori family are mainly addressed to the Holy Father. Their contents are not known, but at this point we can imagine it.

What do you think? In my opinion, Our Lady wanted us here too, to reveal the satanic plan of the Russians to reach Rome.

Thank you

Stefano from Rome

Dear Stefano,

The one who truly understood the meaning of the bloody tears of the statue of the Queen of Peace in the arms of Bishop Monsignor Grillo was St. John Paul II.

No one knew Russia like him, its expansionist intentions to the detriment of other peoples and its anti-Catholic hatred which went so far as to organize the attack on his life.

I believe that the Polish Pope understood that the tears of blood of the Madonna could concern something serious that loomed and still looms over the city of Rome, a mortal danger to be avoided with conversion and prayer.

On the other hand, Sister Lucia, custodian of the secrets of Fatima which have Russia as their protagonist, wanted to speak with Jessica Gregori. What secrets did her visionaries confide in each other?

I believe that it was something very serious, something that worried Sister Lucia above all, something that concerned the third secret Fatima, the killing of the Pope, the city of Rome, the persecution of the Church, the reign of the antichrist imposed to the city by the occupying hordes (Melania’s Secret))

Then we understand how Civitavecchia is a revelation of great importance, a fundamental passage between Fatima and Medjugorje, a key moment in the time of secrets.

Mary’s tears of blood would indicate the great persecution of the Church, the apostasy of the cowards and the courage of the martyrs.

In this light we can think that the third secret of Fatima will take place precisely in the eternal city. The Pope, many pastors and faithful of the Church will be killed there. Their blood will save countless souls and will be necessary for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the conversion of Russia itself.

Ave Maria

Father Livio