Saint Faustina Kowalska Face to Face with Jesus…Saint Sees Her Soul … “I wanted to throw myself immediately into the flames of Purgatory, but Jesus held me back”

Francesco Frigida 

Santa Faustina Kowalska and the afterlife. In her writings, the mystic brings numerous occasions in which she claims to have come into contact with the souls of the dead and with Jesus Christ.

The visions would have concerned Paradise, Purgatory and Hell. The stories are very detailed.

Face to face with suffering Jesus
Saint Faustina in her Diary, April 29, 1926, writes: “Once I was quoted in the judgment of God. I stood before the Lord face to face. Jesus was such and what is during the Passion. After a moment the seven Wounds disappeared and only five remained: the hands, the feet and the side. I immediately saw the whole state of my soul, as God sees it.

I clearly saw everything that God does not like. I did not know that the Lord must be accountable for such small shadows. What a moment!Who can describe it? Find yourself in front of the three times Holy! Jesus asked me: “Who are you?”. I replied: “I am your servant, Lord”. “You must serve a day of fire in Purgatory”. I wanted to throw myself immediately into the flames of Purgatory, but Jesus held me back and said, “What do you prefer: to suffer now for a day or for a short time on earth?”. I replied: “Jesus, I want to suffer in Purgatory and I want to suffer on earth even the greatest torments until the end of the world” ».

The disease after the vision
At that point Jesus said: “One thing is enough. You will come down to earth and you will suffer a lot. But not for a long time and you will do My will and My desires and one of My faithful servants will help you carry it out. Now lay the head on My breast, on My Heart and draw strength and vigor for all the sufferings, since elsewhere you will not find relief, aid or comfort. Know that you will have much, much to suffer, but this does not frighten you. I am with you”.

“A little later I got sick – the religious recalls – Physical complaints were a school of patience for me. Only Jesus knows how much effort of will I had to do to fulfill my duties “.