The Immense Power of Simple Blessing Will Surprise…Words of Jesus to Mystic


Jesus speaks of the power of blessing to mystically stigmatized German Teresa Neumann Dear daughter, I want to teach you to receive My Blessing with fervor. Try to understand that something great happens when you receive the blessing from one of my priests.

The blessing is an overflow of my Divine Holiness. Open your soul and let it become holy through my blessing. It is celestial dew for the soul, through which everything that is done can be fruitful. Through the power of blessing, I gave the priest the power to open the treasure of My Heart and to pour a shower of graces on souls.

When the priest blesses, I bless.

Then an endless stream of graces flows from My Heart to the soul until it is completely filled. In conclusion, keep your heart open so as not to lose the benefit of blessing. Through my blessing you receive the grace of love and help for the soul and the body. My Holy Blessing contains all the help that is needed for humanity.

Through it you are given the strength and desire to seek good, to escape evil, to enjoy the protection of My children against the powers of darkness. It is a great privilege when you are allowed to receive the blessing. You can not understand how much mercy comes to you through him.

Therefore never receive blessing in a flat or distracted way, but with all your complete attention !! You are poor before receiving the blessing, you are rich after receiving it.

It grieves me that the blessing of the Church is so little appreciated and so rarely received. Good will is strengthened by its means, initiatives receive my particular Providence, weakness is strengthened by my Power.

Thoughts and intentions are spiritualized and all bad influences neutralized. I gave my Blessing powers without boundaries: it comes from the Infinite Love of my Sacred Heart. The greater the zeal with which the blessing is given and received, the greater is its effectiveness.Whether a child is blessed, or the whole world blessed, the blessing is far greater than 1000 worlds.

Reflect that God is immense, infinitely immense.

How small things in your comparison! And it happens the same, whether only one, or that many receive the blessing: this does not matter because I give to each one according to the measure of his faith! And since I am infinitely rich in all goods, you are allowed to receive without measure.

Your hopes are never too big, everything will exceed your deepest expectations! My daughter, protect who gives you the blessing! Highly esteem the blessed things, so you will like Me, your God. Whenever you are blessed, you are closer to Me, sanctified again, healed and protected by the Love of my Sacred Heart.

Often I keep the results of my Blessing hidden so that they are known only in eternity. It often seems that the blessings have not resulted, but their influence is marvelous; even the apparently unsuccessful results are a blessing obtained through Holy Blessing; these are the mysteries of my Providence which I do not wish to manifest.

My Blessings often produce effects unknown to the soul. Therefore, have great confidence in this overflowing of My Sacred Heart and seriously reflect on this favor (what the apparent results are hidden from you).