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In Siervenich, Germany, the Virgin Mary, the Infant Jesus of Prague, and various saints and angels have appeared to a psychic named Manuela Strack since 2000.

These apparitions are supposedly viewed favorably by their Bishop.

Manuela even personally delivered a message given by the Virgin to John Paul II, and the day before she met with the then Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.

Here we want to talk about the impressive messages she has received in the last semester of 2023, related to the situation of the world and the Church, and which are not wasted.

Basically the messages indicate the tribulations that would come to the world and the Church.

Already on October 7, 2002, Manuela received “three keys” from the Blessed Virgin, which marked “the future of the world and the Church.”

These secrets were delivered to John Paul II on February 11, 2004.

And on October 30, 2021, Manuela received permission to publicly disclose what was in them.

When the Virgin gave her the first red key, she saw a movie pass quickly in front of her.

She saw hell, a very dark and cold abyss, and Satan.

And on Earth She saw Islamic terrorist groups carrying out attacks in various places. 

And terrible persecution of Christians, especially in the Middle East.

She saw increasing turmoil on Earth, a brief reign of terror. Civil wars occurred in almost all countries.

And sin reigned because what was in hell had been released on Earth.

In addition, there were severe natural disasters. The Earth trembled as a result of sin.

Strong storms hit the Earth and something fell to the Earth from the sky.

In the year 2000 and 2005, Mary showed her an earthquake and a fire storm that would fall from the sky.

With the second key Mary showed her how she protected her children, and how the Marian priests and the children of Mary not only saved the Church of Christ, but saved the world with a great sacrifice.

And when Mary put the third key, made of gold, in her hand, she saw Rome attacked and St. Peter’s Basilica assaulted. 

The Church of Christ was persecuted, covertly at first, then insidiously, and then officially. 

And there was a Church that seemed Catholic, but it was not the Church of Christ. 

A new Pope had to go underground. 

While the priests who followed God’s precepts would have to suffer greatly, and even the Eucharist would be in danger.

In 2019 Manuela received a message from Our Lady indicating that we would have 3 difficult years.

Let us remember that then came the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and later in the Middle East.

But She said the three difficult years would only be the bridge to something more severe. So after the 3 difficult years it would get worse.

She told him that we have to pray a lot, because the Church would have a very hard test in the year 2023.

Let us remember that in October 2023 the plenary meeting of the Synod of Synodality took place, which will continue in October 2024.  

On April 25, 2021, when the war in Ukraine had not yet started, the Child Jesus told him, “Satan is trying to lead you to war. 

A spark from the adversary could inflame the entire world. That is why I ask you for an act of reparation.”

And on October 17, 2023 Archangel Michael told her “the countries of the Earth should ask for my friendship! My sword will wound the Earth.

The devil is the one who confuses but will not reveal himself clearly. 

He is trying to put doubt in your heart, just as he did with Eve: Did God really say (such a thing)…? Is this really a commandment from God?

And he added,

«Have courage! The word of God is valid forever! 

The time of confusion is a short time for you, remember this! “Whoever is faithful will have Heaven forever!”

And he also told him that during this time the great cleansing will take place. 

And regarding the Church, the Virgin said on March 5, 2001, “the Earth has become a desert of faith.

The adversary puts doubt in your hearts and wants to divert you from the path that is Jesus himself. 

He is the one who wants to discourage you, to let laziness and lukewarmness enter your hearts. 

But I will not allow this with the authority of My divine Son Jesus Christ. I’m with you”.

“I will not allow darkness to fully penetrate the church. “That which is sick will perish.”

And then the cloud on which the Virgin was standing became a globe.

He saw the city of Rome and the Vatican.

And then a meeting room where many cardinals were sitting discussing the standardization of the celebration of the Mass, without the Eucharist. 

Only one bread should be broken together with the congregation, since many do not believe in the Eucharist.

And Our Lady said,

“It is almost the end of the church, or so the faithful believe. 

The wicked see this as an opening of the Church towards unbelievers. 

But I’m going to counter this. “They will not succeed in destroying the Church.”

And on October 25, 2022, the Child Jesus told her that the situation of the Church should not bother her, because everything has to be purified.

On September 25, 2023 the Lord addressed a message to the priests.

He said “If your heart is open to Me, then I will protect you from all tribulations and guide you.

Do not be afraid! I am the Lord! Pray especially for the Synod! 

The tempter will appear in him. “I allow this.” 

And he added, “Little flock, be witnesses of all that is to come now, which I must allow, do not be afraid!”

And he ended by saying,

“Though thieves have broken into My sanctuary, I am with you! “They will not be able to destroy My Holy Church.”

And a month later, on October 25, 2023, Our Lord told him

“Strive for purity of heart and pray much! 

I wish that you consecrate your lands to My Messenger, because if you honor Him, then you honor Me and the Heavenly Father. 

“He will be the one who executes the judgment of the Father.”

He was referring to Archangel Michael. 

And he asked him to read Ecclesiasticus, chapters 1 and 2, saying,

“If you read it, you will see that God’s commandments apply forever and are not subject to any spirit of the age.”

Our Lord also spoke to him about the Warning prophesied in Garabandal, it was on November 25, 2022.

Told him,

“Warning! Wherever My Blessed Mother appeared, this sign will be.”

And then he showed him a column that was different during the day and at night. 

During the day it appears to be made of clouds and at night it appears to be a column of fire. 

“This will also be in Sievernich,” he said.

For this reason, it is similar to the column that presided over the people of Israel during the Exodus.

Is it the Miracle Prophesied in Garabandal?

And he added, “do not wait for the Warning, do not wait for the Miracle, because I can come to you any day, any minute. “Sanctify your soul!”

Well, here we wanted to talk about the revelations about the world and the Church that the Holy Virgin and the Child Jesus of Prague made to Manuela Strack in the last half of 2023.

The central theme in both cases is the tribulation that the countries and the Church will go through in this period.