Medjugorje “Her Beauty will save the world” Her Secret Mission | Your Spirit need to hear this.

“I traveled about 1,500 miles between land and sea on the trail of a woman.

She is a woman “of indescribable beauty”, says those who have met her.

I have heard a vague description of her: She is about 5 feet 5 inches tall. She slender, about 18-20 years old, regular face, almost always smiling, pink cheeks, wavy black hair, distinctly blue eyes, sweet adolescent voice, very simple dress.

But the witnesses I speak to, immediately specify that hers is an unimaginable beauty, no face in the world is comparable to hers.

We are not talking about a dream or a literary image.


But of a living person, who smiles, talks and listens, cries, embraces, calls by name, who teaches and begs, who is passionate about everyone’s small problems.

Since 1981, six young people from a small town in Croatian Bosnia – Medjugorje – have met her almost daily

And when asked specifically who she is by the children, she replies that she is the Virgin Mary.

The point is: She is alive.

And these six children are not crazy, they are completely normal, even in the judgment of science, even conclusions from the former communist regime.

They are not hallucinating. Instead these six – who in 1981 were not among the most assiduous children in the parish – are balanced, rational, cordial types.

But, as one of the visionaries, Marija, says “we fell in love with her in a certain sense. Especially at the beginning, I’m not saying we were addicted, however the beauty of her face and her voice when she spoke attracted us deeply.
Then, little by little, she led us towards Jesus, towards the Church, towards the Eucharist and made us discover a world so great, so immense”

Her beauty and her “eternal youth”, underlines Father Livio, director of Radio Maria, are explained by the fact that the whole being of Mary, body and soul, shines with Grace and is in the Glory of Christ.

Statistically she is the most loved woman in human history, the most sung by poets and musicians, the most depicted by painters and sculptors, the most invoked. Her eyes are “the eyes of God loved and venerated” (Dante).

If even God is in love with her, it is understandable why in Medjugorje a river of people – young traveled hundreds even thousands of kilometers to look for her in the places where she passed (Lourdes, Fatima, Chestochowa, Loreto, Guadalupe): where she heal. Where she drys tears dry tears, to give shelter and comfort to the desolate and desperate, to embrace loneliness and call everyone.

I think back to the beauty of the young woman who appears in Medjugorje.
It is the woman “clothed with the sun” who will crush Satan, the roaring lion who is always looking for someone to devour. I think back to the words of Dostoevsky: “Beauty will save the world”.