Medjugorje: Mirjana – “Without leg or hand you can go to Heaven, but without a soul you can’t…so be ready, God will ask us one question at our death.”

In 2013, the visionary Mirjana was subjected to the umpteenth test to verify that the apparitions were not the result of fraud or alteration of mental status. Mirjana is keen to point out that during the test she was placed in a state of hypnosis. Nothing strange has emerged in this state either, from what she and other visionaries said over the past 30 years. “Only God holds the secrets” he has the final words.

Medjugorje: Mirjana responds to the press

With the test chapter closed, the visionary spoke with the journalists present of the seventh secret. Its effects had to be far more serious but the prayers of the believers have mitigated it. She then stressed once again how one can hope for the future of humanity with conversion and prayers. Mirjana added that if one wants to know the truth about Medjugorje it is not necessary, indeed it is not recommended to buy books written on the subject. For the visionary many of these are made by people who come for a week and do not even talk to the visionaries.

Medjugorje: why does Mirjana cry during the apparitions?

The only way to know the truth about the apparitions, therefore, is to follow the messages of Our Lady and pray. One of the journalists present, then, asks her why the tears during the apparitions, the visionary explains that she does not realize her reactions during the ecstasy. So, this one asks her if the Madonna cries in turn and the visionary answers: “I have seen the tears in her eyes so many times … she wants her children on the right path and as a Mother when she sees our hardened hearts she suffers. Talking about the sufferings of the Madonna creates problems for me. Even now the tears come to my mind “.

Appearance of February 2, 2019

Mirijana tries to remember those moments in which the face of the Celestial Mother is transfigured by pain and in doing so she cannot fail to be moved: “I have seen so many women suffer … but Mother’s pain can be seen on her face. Every muscle trembles with pain … this for me is very difficult to see … especially because when I turn around after the apparition I see that they have not yet understood. They think of other things not what is important: without leg or hand you can go to Heaven, but without a soul you can’t. When we understand this it will be very different ” .

After Medjugorje, will the Madonna no longer come?

When asked if it is true that this is the last time Our Lady will appear on earth, she replies that whoever said this did not understand the message and that the Blessed Virgin meant that this is the last time she will appear in this mode and all this time. So when they ask her what the most important message that was entrusted to her during the apparitions is, she replies: “Love, love … God will ask us one question:” how much did you love? “. If you have love for Jesus, for brothers and sisters, you can’t kill, steal, hurt and betray because you love that person. This is why for me the most important message is to love, to love as Jesus loves us ”.

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  • To God all the Glory!!!

  • The Madonna wants to follow his son,.
    We must change our way to see the world and thinking just on material possession.

  • His name be ever praised and glorified….Help me Lord in my unbelief….Mary , most holy pray for me.

  • Dear God, I thank you for your Divine Mercy and for all the love you are showing us by the apperations of our Holy Mother and Queen of heaven Mary. Please forgive our sinfulness and keep us always under her mantle. Amen

  • God will judge you by the love you have for Him in your heart, not by what you have done for others in life.” (Mother Angelica)

    “All a person’s ways seem right in his own opinion, but the Lord evaluates the motives.” (Proverbs 16:2)

  • Without a soul? We ARE souls!

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