We have entered the stormy season of trials and the time for secrets is fast approaching. The world is in turmoil and the roar of weapons heralds the unleashing of a devastating hurricane. 

The Queen of Peace prophesied the time of trials starting from the message of July 19, 2019, warning us that we would not be strong and that sin would prevail. In this period of time you have highlighted the action of Satan, now freed from his chains, and his determination to destroy the world and take possession of souls.

Satan, after having dragged a large part of humanity away from God and the salvation that comes from the Cross, has intensified his hold on man as never before. The apparitions of Medjugorje must be placed in this context which, as the Queen of Peace said, are humanity’s last call to conversion.

Mary’s daily presence has the aim of preparing the Church for the dramatic spiritual battle that will oppose it to the unleashing of evil and Satan’s attempt to prevail. In this perspective, Mary’s apostles have an important responsibility, “the apostles of my love”, as Our Lady calls them.

The Mother dedicated a significant number of messages to them, thus outlining a specific spirituality


 Dear friends, we must live our day as citizens of Heaven. It is important to live on Earth but “our conversation is in Heaven” as Saint Paul says when writing to the Christians of Philippi. We must not exclude from our day, and therefore from our life, what is the arrival point of our pilgrimage which is Paradise.

We belong to that portion of the Church which is a pilgrim on Earth, but the Church in its totality also includes all the citizens of Heaven who are an immense multitude and all the souls in purgatory who are numerous, as Our Lady said. 

Souls are personal subjects. 

These souls are alive, those in Heaven are in a state of joy; those in purgatory are in a state of suffering because they cannot see God but at the same time the suffering itself purifies them and increases joy.

This glimpse of faith that opens up for those who have faith is a reality to think about and be in communion with. Already now we are citizens of Heaven. It is a true, truly existing reality, it is a reality to which we ourselves belong and therefore on Earth we are only passing through, our true homeland is Heaven and that is our big family.

Today faith has become clouded due to those currents of thought that we call “modernism” and which exclude the supernatural from the perspective of our knowledge. Modernism has emptied the churches and brought humanity to what the Queen of Peace said openly: “modern man does not want God” (25 January 2023), rejects the supernatural, excludes Heaven. Modern man excludes the supernatural dimension which is instead typical and essential of the Christian faith.

Faith is precisely the gaze beyond the limits of the finiteness of space and time. Faith is the gaze on God and on all that God has prepared for all those who believe, follow him and love him. The modernist mentality has so penetrated the way of thinking that it has completely eliminated the supernatural dimension. It follows that the Bible is a book like all the others, and not the Word of God; the Church itself must work for humanity, and not be an instrument of grace through which the love of God forgives sins and nourishes souls; the angels are expelled as well as the great multitude of Saints who are not even considered. All this is eliminated and faith is relegated to a form of culture that is no longer a living reality that impacts life, at most it arouses interest and in-depth analysis.

Modernism has razed the supernatural dimension of the Christian faith to the ground and brought humanity into a regressive phase of its history, it has reduced man to an animal.

We just need to look around us to see how many people pray, believe and practice their faith. All that is the living people of Heaven has been erased, so those who believe are mocked and pitied.

Through prayer we come out of the world and enter the supernatural plane, we are face to face with God who opens His heart to us, introduces us to His mystery of love which is the Holy Trinity. In prayer we enter the heart of God, we speak with God, we listen to God, we feed on God, we exchange mutual love with God.
Furthermore, through prayer we go to visit the entire population of Heaven. We pray to the angels and saints who listen to us and protect us.

Our loved ones are not in the cemetery. Our loved ones are in Heaven or hell or purgatory. If we thought, we would certainly have much more concern in accompanying our loved ones in the last stretch of their lives with the Sacraments, with prayers.

Even loved ones who died in the hope of faith – and who are therefore in Heaven or purgatory – listen to our prayers and can pray for us, there is this exchange of mutual love. We can talk to the Saints, ask for graces. Above all we can talk to Mary, the Mother that Christ gave us and who always accompanies us and listens to us. Our Lady is a true, real person and in prayer we can feel her presence.

The experience of the supernatural changes. Feeling the love of God when prayer rises towards Heaven is an extraordinary experience that all believers are called to have.

With prayer we enter the supernatural and all the hardness melts away, the bitterness softens, the wounds heal, we become more open to others.

The more we enter into communion with the supernatural world, the more serene, joyful, strong and renewed we are. To heal from the evil of living, the love of God is enough, it is enough for us to feel part of the people of Heaven.

Modernism has deprived us of all this and left us alone in this world which is an absurdity if there is no light of God that illuminates and warms it.

We must return to God and His Commandments. Let’s go back to prayer. Let us take refuge under the mantle of Mary who protects us and shows us the true path of salvation. We live, every day, as citizens of Heaven.