Powerful Video – Those who touch Heaven: “The power of Medjugorje is that everything about it is impossible” Medjugorje is changing the world

Powerful Video set to music that comes from the mantel of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Those who touch Heaven: “The power of Medjugorje is that everything about is impossible”


Music heard of this video was arranged from musical notes said to be found on Our Lady  of Guadalupe’s mantle.

Mystic Post TV: This video hopes to offer a fresh perspective and summary of the sacred events of Medjugorje…

The Vatican is changing everything when it comes to its support of Medjugorje.

Music from Heaven? Some scientists say “Yes” …Beautiful and Profound……Celestial Music Found on hem of Mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe…Miraculous and Healing?



The notes of this blessed music were taken from the hem of the Mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe when they discovered it was music. How Miraculous is she and how blessed with love are we to have her.?Published on December 12, 2018

Several scientific discoveries have been revealed around the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe; This is one of them; music was found in the Mantle of the Virgin forming musical notes with the stars and flowers of her dress. The researcher Fernando Ojeda made a scientific study on the position of stars and flowers in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe where he checks through the geography, geometry, astronomy and music (associated with mathematics) the veracity of the piece, this allowed music experts to discover the composition of celestial music.

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