Fr. James Blount sees Blessed Mother – “The world is about to change”…Warns the devil is on the move…DARKNESS WILL BLANKET THE EARTH

Fr. James Blount’s foreshadowing of the Three Days of Darkness

Just before the prophesied Era of Peace begins, there will be Three Days of Darkness. Fr. James Blount, with an exorcism and healing ministry, shares an experience he had of the Virgin Mary showing him a black out, three times. This happened to Fr. Blount over two years ago. To learn more about what prophets say is to come, read


From Church POP

Fr. Blount’s alleged visions:

“I had the joy of seeing her way up in the air over the Church. She must have been quite large, because I was way down on the ground,” Fr. Blount continues.

“I basically saw Mary’s torso from her waist to the top of her head. She’s quite beautiful.

“And Our Lady was holding something in her hands,” Fr. Blount says. “It was black–it was dark. I didn’t know what it was. She was holding in her hand. It seemed to be curved. It was like a roll of something in her hands.



“As I looked at Mama, she made a motion, and whatever this was, it began to unroll. I realized at that moment that it was a ream of material–a ream of cloth. And it began to come out–to roll out from her hand. She’s still holding it, but it’s rolling out.

“I then see it come down and turn around and circle around the globe.

“As I’m standing there, it’s circling all around the earth and coming back to where we were in Georgia in seconds. Then it went around again a few degrees over, and again and again to wrap the entire world in this black fabric.

“I saw the words, spelled out in front of me (I saw the words in my spirit): ‘blackout.’ Then the whole thing disappeared.

“It didn’t scare me in any way because the Lord told us to read the signs of the times. We have to be aware of what’s happening, because God is on the move. The devil has been on the move for a long time, and he’s about to get his just reward (his punishment) soon. And God will work His victory through His Holy Mother.