3 Powerful Sacramentals to Keep in the Car

Traveling by car can often be a frustrating experience and spoil the rest of the day. Our emotions can be easily influenced by the slightest change in traffic or even time.


A number of tools that the Church has provided to help us focus on God as we drive are sacramentals. In general they are religious objects blessed by a priest to invoke a particular grace of God. They were instituted by the Church to make us deepen our relationship with Christ and aim to sanctify every aspect of our life. The sacramentals are extensions of the seven sacraments and bring God’s grace in everything we do.

Another benefit of the sacramentals is the ability to invoke God’s protective hand upon us. If they do not necessarily prevent an accident, they are powerful reminders of the need to seek God’s providential help. Many people have witnessed miraculous events related to the proper use of the sacramentals, which have preserved their lives or that of their loved ones.

Here are three sacramentals which, if used properly, can offer spiritual help and divine protection as you travel by car

1. Blessing of the car
Among the many blessings, the Church provides a special for the machines. It is generally carried out by a priest or a deacon and invokes God’s special care on the vehicle. Blessing is usually accomplished only once and lasts throughout the life of the machine, although it could be done more than once, especially before a long journey. Here is the powerful prayer that asks God to name angels to guard us:

Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, who in your multi-faceted wisdom have given man talent and imagination to make new means of transport, make the drivers of these machines, in the various work or leisure paths, always operate with expertise and prudence for the safety and safety of all and feel your continuous presence at your side.

2. Brown scapular
Worn in general under clothing, the brown scapular of Our Lady of Carmel is a powerful sacrament that implies many “promises” for the wearer in the faith. Some not only wear it, but also hang it on the back of the driver’s seat. In this way, no matter who drives the vehicle, the protection of the Madonna is nevertheless invoked. Here is what St. John Paul II said about the power of the brown scapular:

Therefore, two are the truths evoked in the Scapular: on the one hand, the continuous protection of the Most Holy Virgin, not only along the path of life, but also in the moment of transit towards the fullness of eternal glory; on the other hand, the awareness that devotion to you can not be limited to prayers and respects in your honor in some circumstances, but must constitute a “habit”, that is, a permanent direction of your Christian conduct, interwoven with prayer and inner life , through the frequent practice of the sacraments and the concrete exercise of spiritual and corporal works of mercy.


3. Medal of Saint Christopher

One of the most common sacramentals used in cars is the famous San Cristoforo medal. The saint is known as the patron saint of travelers, and his intercession is often invoked when traveling by car. Here is the “Driver’s Prayer”, recited by many people before embarking on a journey:

Lord! Give me a steady hand and a vigilant eye, so that I do not hurt anyone when I pass. You gave your life and I ask you that none of my actions is against this gift that comes from you. Teach me to use my car for the needs of others, not to despise, for the sake of speed, the beauties of the world that You have created, so that I may with joy and courtesy continue my path. San Cristoforo, patron saint of travelers, protect me and lead me safely to my destination. Amen.