April is the month of Mercy! Here are the promises of Jesus linked to this time of grace.


Jesus decided to give us very great gifts, being He King of Mercy even before infinitely just Judge, because ” humanity will not find peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy” . Here are his promises:

“The Soul that will venerate this image will not perish.I promise you, still on Earth, victory over enemies, but especially at the point of death.

I, the Lord, will protect her as My Glory. The rays of My Heart signify Blood and Water, and repair the Souls from the wrath of My Father. Blessed is he who lives in their shadow, for the hand of Divine Justice will not reach him.

I will protect, as a father protects his child, the souls that will spread the cult of My Mercy, for their whole life; at the hour of their death, I will not be their judge but Salvatore. “ The prayer of veneration that Jesus has dictated is the following:


“I give mankind a vessel with which he can go and draw graces from the source of Mercy: this vessel is the image with this inscription:” Jesus, I trust in You! “.

This image must continually remind poor humanity of the infinite mercy of God. Whoever has exposed and honored, in his house, My Divine Effigy will be preserved from punishment.

As the ancient Jews who had marked their houses with the cross made with the blood of the paschal lamb were spared by the Exterminating Angel, so it will be in those sad moments for those who have honored me by exposing my image. “

“The greater the misery of men, the greater right they have to My Mercy, because I wish to save them all. Write that before coming as a Judge, I will open the whole great door of My Mercy. Whoever does not want to pass through this door will have to go through that of My Justice. The source of My Mercy was opened by the blow of a spear on the Cross, for all Souls. I did not exclude any. Humanity will find neither tranquility nor peace until it turns to My Mercy. Tell the suffering humanity to take refuge in My Merciful Heart, and I will fill it with peace. “

“I wish the first Sunday after Easter to be the Feast of My Mercy. My daughter, speak to the whole world of My immeasurable Mercy! The Soul who will have confessed and communicated on that day will obtain full remission of guilt and punishment. I want this Feast to be solemnly celebrated throughout the Church. “

Mosaics Merciful Jesus I Trust in You

(this image is taken from the mosaic of Maestro Vincenzo Grieco)

How to invoke the Mercy of Jesus Christ Jesus, in His infinite Mercy inspired Sister Faustina the following very powerful prayer, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which is recited on the crown of the Holy Rosary. Jesus promised: 
“I will give thanks without number to those who recite this Crown. If recited next to a dying person, I will not be just Judge, but Salvatore. “