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Vicka of Medjugorje held five interviews live on Radio Maria which are an important historical document on the apparitions of Medjugorje and a testimony of profound Marian spirituality. We publish them by dividing them into episodes. (Third interview – Medjugorje 3 August 2000 )

The Vicka prophecy on the sign of Medjugorje

Father Livio: I would now like to take a look at the future which often fills us with anguish and fear. Our Lady said in one of her very consoling messages that those who pray are not afraid of the future.

Vicka: But I’m sure of this. He who prays is not afraid of anything.

Father Livio: In your opinion, why did Our Lady say this phrase?

Vicka: Because many people think about what’s to come and let fear stop them. Our Lady wants to open her eyes to us by saying: “Do not be afraid of the future. I am with you” Our Lady wants to tell us that she opens all the paths for us, only that we want it. All roads are open to God.

Father Livio: During these apparitions, Medjugorje has become one of the most important spiritual centers on earth and it cannot be denied that good always conquers new hearts. But in the meantime it would seem that the evil has also grown. Will Our Lady be able to build the new world of peace, as she calls it?

Vicka: Of course She will.

Father Livio: It is not for nothing that she came as the Queen of Peace.

Vicka: Yes, she came to bring peace to the whole world.

Father Livio: The popes often speak of the civilization of love that we must all build together with good will and naturally with the grace of God. In your opinion, will we reach this goal through trials and suffering?

Vicka: Suffering is never lacking and serves to make us stronger.

Father Livio: Now that the third secret of Fatima has been revealed to us, we know that it concerned a difficult time, of wars and persecutions, for the world and for the Church, in particular for the Holy Father. Do we have to wait for something like this for the ten secrets of Medjugorje too?

Vicka: As for secrets I don’t have much to say. For now I have nine and I’m waiting for the tenth. If and when Our Lady wants to explain them, then we will know more

Father Livio: However, even if the secrets are truly secret, the fact remains that they concern the future and that therefore the apparitions of Medjugorje still have much to reserve for us.

Vicka: Sure, sure.

Father Livio: The game is not over yet.

Vicka: No, no.

Father Livio: We are still in the first half.

Vicka: It’s just started.

Father Livio: Among the similarities between Fatina and Medjugorje there is also the sign. In Fatima, Our Lady had promised it for her last apparition, that of October 1917. Even in Medjugorje there is talk of a sign. The visionaries of Fatima were very sure that Our Lady would give it. Are you so sure about it too?

Vicka: You see, Father Livio, Our Lady has given a great possibility, a great gift to see this sign.

Father Livio: Have you already seen it?

Vicka: We have already seen it and when the time comes there will certainly be a sign on the mountain of the apparition.

Father Livio: Will everyone be able to see it?

Vicka: Everyone and it remains forever.

Father Livio: Does it remain forever?

Vicka: Yes, it remains forever as proof that Our Lady was here among us.

Father Livio: Do ​​we have to come to Medjugorje to see it?

Vicka: You have to come here to us, here on the mountain.

Father Livio: Do ​​we have to go up the mountain or can we see it from afar?

Vicka: But, Father Livio, you want me to slowly tell you everything….

Father Livio: I ask you because Jakov said that to see him we must come to Medjugorje. It is not difficult to imagine a large crowd of people at that moment…

Vicka: Yes, to see it you have to come to Medjugorje.

Father Livio: Will you still be alive when the sign comes?

Vicka: I don’t know. But I hope so.

Father Livio: And will I be alive?

Vicka: But, father, you are not too old yet. But I think so and then there are still many things to do.

Father Livio: Indeed, Radio Maria is installed in various languages ​​in only thirty nations of the world and we would like to reach all of them.

Vicka: You still have a lot to do.

Father Livio: I understand. Retirement is far away . Will it be a sign of hope?

Vicka: Yes, of hope.

Father Livio: With joy?

Vicka With joy, but a beautiful thing, understand?

Father Livio: I wanted to insist on the sign because the Church, to evaluate the validity of an apparition, checks whether the prophecies have been fulfilled.

Vicka: It’s normal.

Father Livio: The attitude of the Church is wise. Could the sign therefore be a confirmation for the Church that the apparitions are true?

Vicka: Of course. Our Lady has already said once that we must not worry about these things, but rather about welcoming the messages and living them. We have to leave everything else up to her.