World-wide Coronavirus’ troubling signs – Visionary Mirjana: ‘There comes a second period of a very painful purification for all humanity’. Is the “time of grace”passing? Are we entering the “Second Period”?

  • Global cases: More than 137,445, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

  • Global deaths: At least 5,088, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

  • US   cases:At least 1,701, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

  • US deaths: At least 40, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Like all the things said concerning the Gospa, they cannot be erased, and are an integral part of the mystery of Medjugorje.


It is November 2, 1985 .

During the apparition the priest saw Mirjana, the visionary lowering her head, she was very sad, with her eyes full of tears. After the apparition he asked her: «What was it? Why have you been sad? ». 

Then she explained: “Our Lady made me see for the first time, as in a film, the unfolding of the first admonition. It is very heavy. That’s why I’m sad.” 

The visionary says she asked the Madonna two questions: if these things really will come so soon and if God has such a hard heart. Our Lady replied: “God does not have a hard heart, but you have a hard heart: look around you how many sins there are and you will understand it”.

Afterwards I spoke to the visionary who repeats again: « This period is the period of graces, when many graces are given, it is the period of conversion . There comes a second period of a very painful purification for all humanity and in the end the encounter with Jesus Christ, after the visible sign .

I asked the visionary how she feels. On the one hand she feels sad, on the other she stresses that we must be very happy if we know what awaits us. This life has a value, but in the face of eternal life, we here on earth are only passengers.

The visionary emphasizes this aspect of the joy and hope that we must have by looking at the future.



A Special Prayer to open hearts:

If there really is a light before us for eternal life, for Heaven, for Heaven, we are aware that diseases and difficulties are only for us thanks, thanks for being purified, for being closer to God through suffering that come into the world. But I have seen many pilgrims who put matter and life on earth first and then God, who helps us a little bit on this earth and after death. With this faith you cannot be blessed, with this faith you cannot be happy here on earth and you will not enter the Kingdom of God.

Then we can go to the future with joy, with bliss, because beautiful things await us.

Lord Jesus Christ, I pray you through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to look at all these pilgrims, to open their hearts to true faith, true love and true hope.

Jesus Christ, you want to save everyone, you seek all men and you are happy with your Mother, because you see here these pilgrims and their intentions. Please help them so that each of them can open his heart.

Jesus, help them so that each one can live your bliss in the crises in which they live. Please bless all the sick, all the suffering, all the people who suffer from any problems so that everyone will feel bliss.

Jesus Christ, I pray for grace, so that every pilgrim can answer your call without apology and live for eternal life. I pray you for the decision, so that each of them is determined to belong totally to you, to leave everything that prevents them from reaching you.

I beg you, Jesus Christ, to open their hearts to accept the gifts that You give with Your Mother to each one present here and to all humanity. Send Your Spirit, so that these people understand Your answer in their hearts.

Send Your Spirit to bless their families, their parishes, their communities, their hospitals.

Send Your Spirit to bless their country and the whole world. And I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Source: Medjugorje Red Book