When Vicka went to Rome six months ago usually cheery visionary made gloomy statement: ‘Today is a very, very difficult moment in the world. Our Lady is very worried….she needs our prayers right now”

No country on earth has been hit harder than Italy with the Covid-19 pandemic. Nearly 12,000 citizens have succumbed to the dreaded disease.

Six months ago Vicka, one of the six Medjugorje seers, received a surprising message from the Blessed Mother. Vicka is one of three seers who still visits the Blessed Mother everyday. Vicka knows nine of the ten Medjugorje secrets. 

Recently Vicka found herself in Rome some months ago for a baptism. Maria Bonafaccia is the child to whom the visionary has served as godmother. The father, Marco, who is a friend of the Papaboys, is in charge of the prayer group ‘Adorers with Mary Queen of Peace’
Visionary Vicka said: “I am here to be among you … you know that I pray for everyone and that you are in my heart. The greatest concern for Our Lady is families, it is a very, very difficult moment in the world. Our Lady is very worried.”
Our Lady recommends praying for her intentions that she needs our prayers right now. Pray for me too and may the Queen of Peace bless you all with her love and with her Peace … ..

One of the most beautiful things is to remain united in prayer and united to the love of Jesus and Our Lady
You are too worried about the beauty outside. You have to think about the beauty inside, forget the beauty of the soul. You must love to be beautiful.”