The Tyranny and Intolerance of the Left …Tiger Woods Says “All Presidents deserve some respect” … ESPN Spots Talk Duo Go Crazy..”Tiger is not Black”!!!

– The Washington Times – Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tiger Woods‘ desire to show all U.S. presidents a modicum of “respect” enraged ESPN’s Max Kellerman this week.

Stephen A. Smith and his “First Take” co-host were displeased with the golf legend after he took a diplomatic stance on his relationship with President Trump. Mr. Kellerman excoriated an allegedly “thoughtless statement dressed up as a thoughtful statement.”

Mr. Woods told a reporter Sunday that all Americans should “respect the office,” no matter who occupies the White House.

“I want to say something about what Tiger Woods said,” the analystbegan Monday. “I’m angry at what Tiger Woodssaid. “It either holds in contempt the intelligence of people who hear it or else it’s just a stupid thing to say. … To say you must have respect for the office — Tiger, be clear. Are you saying that the office, therefore, confers respect onto its present temporary occupant? No. Having respect for the office means principally, in my view, is the officeholder should have respect for the office.”

YouTube viewers reacted to the commentary by telling the crew to stick to sports instead of political bromides.

“Perfect example of why so many people have ceased to watch any of the ESPN family of networks,” said one viewer.