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Within the hushed chambers of exorcism, where darkness whispers and evil writhes, lies a fascinating paradox: the Devil’s chilling fear of the Virgin Mary. Father Gabriel Amorth, a renowned Vatican exorcist who battled countless demons throughout his life, offered unique insights into this curious phenomenon, unveiling the very essence of Mary’s radiance that sent shivers down even the darkest spines.

In his book, “An Exorcist Tells His Story,” Father Amorth paints a vivid picture of the Virgin’s power, drawing from his own experiences and the unwilling confessions of the darkspirits he confronted. He reveals that the Devil fears Mary not just for her divine role as the mother of Jesus, but for the very qualities that define her being: her unparalleled beauty, both physical and spiritual, and her unwavering purity. The exorcist’s touch, imbued with the Virgin’s grace, ignites a fire within the possessed. The Demon, writhing in torment, spills forth truths long concealed, revealing the very essence of Mary’s radiance that chills him to the core.

Beauty Unblemished:

Fr. Amorth tells the story of one Exorcist, Fr. Candido, who confronted the demon. The priest demanded an explanation from the devil for its fear of the Virgin. The answer echoed through the chamber, a chilling admission: “Because I am more humiliated to be won over by a simple creature.” Here, the devil acknowledges Mary’s physical beauty, her purity untouched by sin, a stark contrast to his own darkness.

Another exorcist, Don Faustino Negrini, pierces the veil further, demanding the source of the Demon’s dread. The answer, a symphony of contrasts, paints a portrait of Mary’s spiritual beauty: “She is the most humble of all creatures, while I am the most arrogant. She is the most obedient and I am the most rebellious. She is the purest and I am the most filthy.”

Unvanquished Queen

Vatican Exorcist, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, says: “I myself, echoing the questions of my fellow exorcists, I went deeper, seeking the essence of Mary’s power. The Demon, cornered and desperate, revealed her final weapon in Our Lady’s arsenal: The devil said “It is the only creature that always wins me, because it has never been touched by the smallest shadow of sin.”

Here, the Devil acknowledges Mary’s ultimate victory, her immaculate nature a shield against his every attack.

The Devil’s forced praise serves as a beacon, illuminating the path we must follow. Mary, the radiant foe of darkness, offers us a model for our own lives. Her humility, obedience, and purity are not mere virtues, but weapons against the temptations that whisper in our ears.

The Ongoing Battle

We stand at the precipice of a timeless war, the Woman of the Apocalypse facing the Dragon in an eternal struggle. As Paul reminds us, “Put on the armor of God,” for our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness that lurk unseen.

But amidst the shadows, a light shines. The Virgin Mary, our celestial queen, stands as our champion, her beauty both physical and spiritual a shield against the encroaching darkness. Let us, therefore, embrace her radiance, her virtues our armor, and her intercession our guiding light. In the face of the Devil’s terror, let us find our strength in her presence, and together, vanquish the shadows with the brilliance of Mary’s eternal love.

The lessons gleaned from Father Amorth’s insights go far beyond the world of exorcism. They offer a powerful mirror to our own lives, reminding us that the qualities that most terrify the Devil – humility, obedience, and purity – are the very weapons we need to combat the temptations that plague us.

Remember, embracing Mary’s light is not about blind devotion, but honoring her legacy, illuminating our own path, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Queen of Heaven in the never-ending battle against darkness.