Powerful words from Conchita, Visionary of the Virgin Mary at Garabandal: Seers says the Coronavirus pandemic is leading the world to the prophecized “Illumination of Conscience”.

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From Glen Hudson: “I asked Conchita if she would be kind enough to offer some words of advice to all of us, in this troubling times.”

Here Are her words.

 “God is detaching us from the securities of this world. In the silence of the Church or in our house, we are now able to make an examination of conscience so we can clean what prevents us from hearing the Voice of God clearly. With sincerity we can ask God to tell us what He wants of us today, and continue to do that every day. And spend as much time as possible with God at church or somewhere in your home or where you find the silence. He is all we need.”


Garabandal – Spain

    “Cardinals, Bishops And Priests Going The Wrong Way And Less
And Less Importance Is Being Given To The Eucharist.”

    How is it that opponents of Garabandal can so easily dismiss the truth of the apparitions when they have been able to see for themselves the accurate foretelling of coming trends contained in the second Message delivered by St Michael on Our Lady’s behalf, to Conchita on June 18, 1965?

    “Many Cardinals, Many Bishops And Many Priests Are On The Road To Perdition And Taking Many Souls With Them.” Two points are worth making with regard to this statement. The first is that Conchita neither could nor would have made a statement like this on her own because of the profound respect she had for members of the hierarchy. The second point is the timing of the Message which came a few months before the last session of Vatican II.

    Was it a warning to those Fathers who had gone into the Council with their own agenda for sweeping change? “Less And Less Importance Is Being Given To The Eucharist.”

Conchita 1962
Miracle of The Host




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