Who is Emma Guzman?

Emma C. de Guzman was a Filipino mystic who claimed to have experienced a series of visions and apparitions of the Virgin Mary and angels in the early 1990s. She is best known for her claims of seeing golden dust apparitions on the mountainside near her home in the Philippines.

De Guzman’s visions began in 1992, when she was 29 years old. She claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary for the first time while she was praying in her home. The Virgin Mary told her that she had been chosen to be a messenger of God and that she would be given a series of visions and apparitions.

De Guzman’s visions continued for several years and she claimed to have seen a variety of different figures, including angels, saints, and Jesus Christ. She also claimed to have received messages from God through these visions.

In 1993, de Guzman began to see golden dust apparitions on the mountainside near her home. She claimed that the golden dust was a sign of God’s presence and that it was a blessing for those who saw it.

De Guzman’s claims of golden dust apparitions attracted a large following and she became a popular figure in the Philippines.

The veracity of de Guzman’s claims has never been definitively proven or disproven. However, her story remains a popular one in the Philippines and she is still revered by many people as a mystic and a visionary.

Here are some additional details about Emma C. de Guzman and her golden dust apparitions:

  • She began to have visions in 1992, after she had a near-death experience. In her visions, she saw the Virgin Mary, angels, and Jesus Christ.
  • She claimed to have seen golden dust apparitions on the mountainside near her home in 1993. She said that the golden dust was a sign of God’s presence and that it was a blessing for those who saw it.

Emma C. de Guzman (born December 8, 1949) is a Filipino Roman Catholic widow, laywoman, stigmatist and claimed Marian visionary. She is the co-founder, along with the late Sister Soledad Gaviola, of the Catholic lay group association La Pieta, dedicated to a Marian devotion under the title Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. Guzman claims to have first seen the Virgin Mary on the Feast of the Nativity of Mary in 1991.

She is reputedly notable for her alleged Marian visions under trance, particularly the golden dust (SpanishEscarchasEnglish: “Frost“) which allegedly manifests on her face during her trances. She claims to have communicated with Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, various angels[1] and souls seeking penitence and has been observed by various high ranking Filipino Catholic prelates, recorded in photographs and on live video. The group specifically seeks to promote prayer and peace to various nations through any particular Marian devotion.[2]

The La Pieta prayer group, along with its apparition, stigmata, and miraculous events are currently unapproved, though pending investigation by the Holy See. The group is openly tolerated and endorsed by various leading international bishops, including the former Apostolic Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Antonio FrancoCardinalJaime Lachica Sin, and Cardinal Francis Eugene George.[2]