Saint John Paul II was the Pope through whom God visited his people on Earth. He was not an ordinary Pope, but a mystic deeply and especially connected to the Virgin Mary, who herself said about him to Don Stefano Gobbi: ‘He is My Pope, I shaped him’.

He was the Pope whose prayers tore the sky apart, changed the history of entire nations, and the power of his intercession is manifested in numerous miracles even today, after his transfer to Heaven.

This holy Pope in his life also had prophetic visions as one of his gifts.

One of those visions also related to the future of Europe, and that vision was once told to the world by Monsignor Mauro Longhi , a priest of Opus Dei, who has been in the service of the Congregation for the Clergy for ten years.

Vision of St. John Paul II for Europe

Monsignor Longhi states that Pope John Paul II told him the following while still a student during a mountain walk:

“Remind those who will meet in the church of the third millennium. I see the Church struck with mortal wounds. Deeper, more painful than those of this millennium”, referring to the wounds of communism, Nazism and totalitarianism that the Church received in the second millennium..”

“It’s called Islamism. They will attack Europe,” continued Pope John Paul II and said: “I saw hordes coming west from the east, from Morocco, Libya, Egypt. They will attack Europe, Europe will be a cellar, an old relic, a half-shadow, a cobweb. A family of memories.

Not weapons, but Faith

You, the Church of the third millennium, must defend yourself against the invasion. But not with weapons, weapons will not be enough, but with the faith that people must live”, Saint John Paul II told him, and after the vision became public, Longhi tried to explain that the war would not be waged exclusively between religions, but between God’s children and those who do not know God!

We are all witnessing how the prophecy of John Paul II, who died in 2005, came true.

Namely, Europe itself abandoned its God. And while Catholic churches are falling down all over Europe because they are empty, because there are no people who approach the holy sacraments, and while many European churches are becoming a scandal, while everything is teeming with people who do not invite their God into their lives, who do not accept love and mercy, who they do not live in communion with the Lord, Islam grows precisely because of the unbelief of Christians. Because we rejected our God and not because of Islamic power.

Pray for those who have rejected their God

For this reason, more than ever before, it is necessary to pray for those who did not know the Lord, for those who rejected him, for Christians to be born again, to return to their churches, their parishes, to prayer, for priests to have the strength of shepherds who will lead us to at the end of time before the throne of God, for Christ’s church to heal and return to communion with Christ. Because without that, because without Christ and daily prayer and living faith, which is love and mercy itself, we will not succeed. Leave the hatred, put down the weapons and pray for those who do not know God!

Jesus Christ himself called us to this, as well as Pope John Paul II with his prophecy. He who has ears should hear!