7 thoughts on “Your Guardian Angel Has Good News For You When You See These Signs

  • Excuse me, but this is nonsense. My guardian angel is always with me. This is how the Church teaches us.
    If I find feathers, that is a sign that one of my cats has caught another bird.
    This is such a good website, with such beautiful and important messages. Thanks!
    But this is – as far as I am concerned – below all levels.
    God bless
    Father Frank in the Netherlands

  • Father frank you have no faith. You believe in traditions not truth.

    • i think it does not matter what way we believe our angles exist
      so long as we believe
      and putting jesus christ first

  • Dear Michael Thomas (beautifull names by the way), can you explain to me what feathers have to do with faith? I certainly believe in the little signs of heaven. But instead of spending time and energy on films like this, we should listen better to what for instance Father Pio says about our guardian angel. He never spoke of feathers or clouds.

  • If I see feathers do I believe it is just something the cat dragged in or do I believe that nothing is done without reason. The fact of the matter is sure you can say my guardian angel is always around me but can you recognize when your guardian angel is trying to get your attention. If you have faith you believe and pay attention. But if you have no faith then you say it’s just coincidence.

  • The Catholic Church as a whole seems to lack in faith. We have such a hard time believing that God spends countless hours trying to get our attention through feathers or beautiful rainbows or even coming from someone else’s mouth. Many Catholics fail to believe in what is happening with the six visionaries. The six visionaries are no different to me than six feathers. Whether we believe them or not is all about faith.

  • Also I love the Catholic Church and father Frank I mean no harm in what I say. I just see so many Catholics that hold on to traditions of the church and fail to see the signs all around them.

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