Medjugorje: 10 Powerful Messages from The Queen of Peace on the devotion to her Immaculate Heart. Read these today!

  1. Message of July 2, 1983 (Message given to the prayer group)
    Every morning dedicate at least five minutes of prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to my Immaculate Heart so that they fill you with them. The world has forgotten to venerate the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In each house the images of the Sacred Hearts are placed and every family worship them. You earnestly implore my Heart and the Heart of my son and you will receive all graces.Consecrate us. It is not necessary to resort to particular prayers of consecration.You can also do it with your own words, according to what you hear.
    2.– Message of July 4, 1983 (Message given to the prayer group)
    Pray my son Jesus! Talk to his Sacred Heart and to my Immaculate Heart often. Ask the Sacred Hearts to fill you with true love with which you can love your enemies. I invited you to pray three hours a day. And you started. But always look at the clock, and worry about when you will finish your duties. And so during prayer you are tense and worried. Do not do that anymore. Abandon yourself to me. Immerse yourself in prayer. The only essential thing is to let yourself be led by the Holy Spirit in depth! Only in this way can you have a true experience of God. Then your work will be fine and there will also be free time. You are in a hurry: you want to change people and situations to quickly reach your goals. Do not worry, but let yourself be guided by me and you will see that everything will be fine.
    3.– Message of 2 August 1983 (Extraordinary message)
    Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart. Abandon yourselves totally to me and I will protect you and pray to the Holy Spirit to pour out on you. Invokate it too.
    4. – Message of October 19, 1983 (Extraordinary message)
    I desire that every family consecrate every day to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to my Immaculate Heart. I will be very happy if every family meets half an hour every morning and every evening to pray together.
    5. – Message of November 28, 1983 (Message given to the prayer group)
    Turn to my Immaculate Heart with these words of consecration: “O Immaculate Heart of Mary, burning with goodness, show your love for us. The flame of your Heart, O Mary, descends on all men. We love you so much. Impress true love in our hearts so as to have a continuous desire for you. O Mary, humble and gentle of heart, remember us when we are in sin. You know that all men sin. Give us, through your Immaculate Heart, spiritual health. Grant that we can always look to the goodness of your motherly heart and that we convert by the flame of your heart. Amen”.

6. – Message of December 7, 1983 (Message given to the prayer group)
Tomorrow for you it will be a truly blessed day if every moment is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Abandon yourself to me. Try to increase joy, to live in faith and to change your heart.
7. – Message of May 1, 1984 (Message given to the prayer group)
Every morning and every evening, each of you must remain at least twenty minutes immersed in the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.
8. – Message of July 5, 1985 (Message given to the prayer group)
Renew the two prayers taught by the angel of peace to the shepherds of Fatima: “Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore you deeply and offer you the most precious body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the earth, in reparation for outrages, sacrileges and indifference from which he himself is offended. And through the infinite merits of his most Sacred Heart and through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I ask you for the conversion of poor sinners “. “My God, I believe and I hope, I love you and I thank you. I ask you for forgiveness for those who do not believe and do not hope, do not love you and do not thank you “. Renew also the prayer to St. Michael: “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the battle. Be our support against the treachery and the snares of the devil. May God exercise his dominion over him, we implore you to pray. And you, prince of the celestial militia, with the divine power, push back into hell Satan and the other evil spirits who err in the world to lose souls “.
9.– Message of December 10, 1986 (Message given to the prayer group)
Your prayer, every prayer must be rooted in my Immaculate Heart: only in this way will I be able to bring you to God with all the graces that the Lord allows me to give you.
10– Message of 25 October 1988
Dear children, my invitation to live the messages I give you is daily. In a special way, children, I would like to draw closer to the Heart of Jesus. Therefore, little children, today I invite you to pray to my dear Son Jesus, so that all your hearts may be his. And I also invite you to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart.


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– Message of 25 October 1988
I wish you to consecrate yourselves personally, as families and as parishes, so that everything belongs to God through my hands. Therefore, little children, pray so as to understand the value of these messages that I give you. I ask nothing for myself, but I ask everything for the salvation of your souls. satan is strong; and therefore, little children, draw near to my Motherly Heart with an incessant prayer. Thank you for answering my call!
– Message of 25 September 1991
Dear children, I invite you all in a special way to prayer and renunciation because, now as never before, Satan wishes to seduce as many people as possible on the path of death and sin. Therefore, dear children, help my Immaculate Heart so that it may triumph in a world of sin. I ask all of you to offer prayers and sacrifices for my intentions so that I can offer them to God for what is most needed. Forget your wishes and pray, dear children, for what God wants and not for what you want.Thank you for answering my call!
– Message of 25 November 1994
Dear children! Today I invite you to prayer. I am with you and I love you all. I am your mother and I want your hearts to be like my heart. Little children, without prayer you can not live or say that you are mine. Prayer is joy. Prayer is what the human heart desires. Therefore, get closer, little children, to my immaculate heart and you will discover God. Thank you for having responded to my call.
– Message of 25 May 1995
Dear children! I invite you little children: help me with your prayers, to bring as many hearts as possible to my Immaculate Heart. Satan is strong and with all his strength wants to bring as many people as possible to himself and to sin. This is why he is lurking in order to catch every moment more. Please, children, pray and help me to help you. I am your mother and I love you and therefore I wish to help you. Thank you for answering my call!
– Message of 25 October 1996
Dear children! Today I invite you to open yourselves to God the Creator to change you. Children, you are dear to me, I love you all and I invite you to be closer to me;that your love for my Immaculate Heart is more fervent. I would like to renew you and lead you with my Heart to the Heart of Jesus that still suffers for you today and invites you to conversion and renewal. Through you I wish to renew the world.Understand, children who today are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.Little children, I invite you and I love you and in a special way I beg you: be converted. Thank you for answering my call!
– Message of 25 August 1997
Dear children, God grants me this time as a gift for you, so that I may instruct you and lead you on the path of salvation. Now, dear children, do not understand this grace, but soon the time will come when you will regret these messages. Therefore, little children, live all the words that I have given you in this period of grace and renew the prayer, until this will become joy for you. I invite in a special way those who have consecrated themselves to my Immaculate Heart to be an example for others. I invite all priests, religious men and women to pray the Rosary and to teach others to pray. My children, the Rosary is particularly dear to me. With the rosary, open your heart to me and I can help you. Thank you for responding to my call.
– Message of 25 October 1998
Dear children! today I invite you to come closer to my Immaculate Heart. I invite you to renew in your families the fervor of the early days, when I have invited you to fasting, prayer and conversion. Little children, you accepted my messages with an open heart, although you did not know what prayer is. Today I invite you to open yourselves completely to me so that I may transform you and lead you to the Heart of my Son Jesus, so that he may fill you with His Love. Only in this way, little children, will you find the true Peace, the Peace that only God gives you. Thank you for responding to my call.
– Message of 25 August 2000
Dear children, I wish to share my joy with you. In my Immaculate Heart I feel that there are so many who have approached me and carry in a special way in their hearts the victory of my Immaculate Heart by praying and converting. I would like to thank you and encourage you to work harder for God and his Kingdom with the love and strength of the Holy Spirit. I am with you and I bless you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for responding to my call.

Curated by Costanza Cavallaro