Miracle in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Womb of Virgin Mary Glows During Mass Offered for Martyred Children

This article came from a Facebook post by Maisie Roub Allie  “Absolutely amazing. Thank you God! Keep in mind, this tilma can be heard to have a beating heart when a stethoscope is placed on the womb of the virgin.”

During a mass offered for martyred children, there was a miracle in the presence of thousands of witnesses. After the celebration of the Holy Mass, the pilgrims began to observe astonished and take pictures of the Ayate del Tepeyac when they saw with their own eyes how from the belly of the image an intense light began to shine.

Wonb of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The image of the Virgin began to “retreat” and an intense light began to shine out of Her belly, this light took the form of an embryo. This form coincides exactly in shape as well as in its location to that of an embryo in the womb.


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