Angel from Medjugorje saves Coronavirus sufferer: The story of Fernando’s recovery, from Covid-19 “It was certainly an angel who saved me”. After recovery “Nurse” at bedside disappears.

Source La Luce Di Maria


It was March 11 when Fernando Gonzalez and his wife Sandra Butterfield returned to Colombia following a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. The couple immediately went into self-isolation and, after a few days, they both began to experience symptoms related to Coronavirus. All in all, the situation remained under control for Sandra, but this was not the case for Fernando, who needed hospitalization. As Aleteia reports, Fernando was hospitalized in the intermediate unit and the possibility of transfer to the ICU was concrete.

Coronavirus: Fernando and reliance on prayer
What the Colombian couple was facing was a real cross, but both, strong in faith, have always relied on prayer, in the belief that God, the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph , would have rescued them. “Faith has never weakened, we never asked why us. All we have experienced has been a spiritual strengthening ”, reiterated Sandra, whose words were reported by Aleteia.


A great help for Fernando’s recovery
In the midst of hope and trust in God, Fernando has seen his clinical situation progressively improve, thanks above all to a nurse, Vanessa , who has always been close to him, offering him above all a strong support with words of comfort. A very important sign of closeness for Fernando . Well, once cured, Fernando would have liked to somehow thank his kind and important nurse in his healing process. But once he received the list of hospital staff, her name was missing . Fernando also asked the other nurses. Nobody knew her, nobody knew anything about Vanessa.

“An angel saved me”
“Certainly it was an angel who saved me, or an envoy of the Virgin Mary “. These are Fernando’s first words, reported by Aleteia, following the lack of presence among the health workers, of the young nurse. Indeed, Fernando pointed out that all nurses wore aseptic robes and wore masks. Instead she was the one who repeatedly approached him, repeatedly encouraged him. She never changed his IV and never measured his temperature. Always entering the room alone, Vanessa offered words of comfort, giving great support .

The doctor’s opinion
Fernando recovered today: the tests failed. After the first recovery in hospital and the desperate search for that angel who saved him, Fernando was able to return home. Initially he needed oxygen, but slowly the situation improved, thanks also to the constant prayer and the songs of praise, which never failed on his part and on Sandra’s part. Before leaving the hospital, a doctor addressed him with these words: “It is the faith that saved you”.

Sandra called it “a miracle”
All in all, Sandra managed to overcome the situation by keeping it under control. Otherwise, Fernando’s situation was much more complicated and the cross , supported by both, was very heavy to wear. Yet, as Sandra says, Fernando never despaired, never complained, rather “he said it was nothing in front of the nails of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. According to Sandra, the recovery of her husband was a real miracle .


Fabio Amicosante