Pray for America…Photos and more…Here is Judge Kavanaugh’s Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.

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ABOUT Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Washington, D.C.

Welcome to Blessed Sacrament Parish.  From its beginning, more than a century ago, the parish has had a justly deserved reputation of being one of the most active Christian communities in the area.  We who are here today have received a heritage from our past devout parishioners, religious, and priests.  Grateful for this heritage, we continue to strive to pass on this gift of faith using all the gifts the Lord has given us.  The various forms of electronic communication, the Internet, and the world wide web, can and do play a key role in spreading the good news of our faith.

We are very pleased that you have come to our website.  We are here to serve. You may be here simply to confirm the date of an event or check our Mass schedule.  On the other hand, you may be visiting as part of your faith journey.  Perhaps you have been away for awhile and are considering coming back to the Church.  Perhaps you have never felt connected with God and you are looking for a spiritual home.  Whatever brings you to our website, know that you are welcome here at Blessed Sacrament.

This “About Us” section includes contact information, information on joining the parish, and a history of the parish.

Thank you to the members of our Communications Committee who worked so hard to make this website a reality.  But don’t forget, it is only a tool for sharing information. Its what we do with that information that really counts.  We pray that you will find things on our website that, with the guidance of the Lord’s Spirit, will help you on your personal journey of faith and help you enter more fully into the parish’s community life.  Thus, we shall continue our great Catholic tradition of witness.AS


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