Over the years there has been much discussion about whether or not Medjugorje will be the last appearance of the Madonna here on Earth.

In the early years it was believed that the visionary, Mirjana, told a priest that, yes, this would be Our Lady’s last appearance. Then later, Mirjana corrected this statement saying that Our Lady’s apparitions at Medjugorje will be the “Last in this way”, meaning lasting so long and with multiple visionaries.

But now after reading an old transcript of an interview from Radio Maria, we discovered that perhaps Medjugorje is indeed the last time Our Lady comes to earth with messages to help save mankind.

Ivan is quite clear in his views. He said:

“But I would like to highlight one more important thing: Our Lady says that these long comings of hers on earth are the last!”

Here is the powerful interview with Radio Maria,

FATHER LIVIO: Our Lady says she came to create the new world of Peace. Will she succeed?

IVAN: Yes, but together with all of us, her children. This Peace will come, but not the peace that comes from the world.

The Peace of Jesus Christ will come on earth!

But Our Lady warns us that Satan exists so this is why, as she said in Fatima, still invites us to put our foot on the head of satan.

Our Lady has continued for 31 years here in Medjugorje to exhort us to put our foot on the head of Satan and thus bring in the time of Peace – her triumphant heart.

FATHER LIVIO: Our Lady said that Satan wants hatred, he wants war and that there is a plan of Satan to destroy the planet we live on …

IVAN: I must say that Satan is present today, as never before in the world!

What we must particularly emphasize today is that Satan wants to destroy families, he wants to destroy young people: young people and families are the foundation of the new world.
I would also like to say something else: Satan wants to destroy the Church itself.

But Our Lady always warns us before Satan acts: She warns us of his presence. For this we must pray.

FATHER LIVIO: Is it right to say that the “time of secrets” will be a time of great trial for the Church and for the world?

IVAN: Yes, I agree. Regarding the secrets we cannot say anything, but I can only say that a very important time is coming; in a particular way there is an important time for the Church. We must all pray for this intention.

FATHER LIVIO: Will it be a time of trial for faith?

IVAN: Yes, it is already a little present now …

But I would like to highlight one more important thing: Our Lady says that these long comings of hers on earth are the last! Therefore we must understand the greatness and urgency of these messages, and also the length of these apparitions here in Medjugorje….