Medjugorje: August 1, 2019…”Too many souls will go to Hell by choice!”

Father Livio Fanzaga, of Radio Maria, offers us some important reflections on the phenomenon of the many apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje.

Medjugorje - Father Livio
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“As already in Fatima, Our Lady said that today many souls go to hell”. Father Livio reiterates this, as the world often forgets that: “The central message of Medjugorje is that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that heaven is the goal to which we must strive with all our strength.

At the center is the love of God. But Our Lady speaks to a world that to a large extent rejects God and therefore opens the perspective to Hell. One of his recurring phrases is that: “Hell is filled with people who choose to go there”. The catechism speaks of self-exclusion

Father Livio: we can still choose not to lose ourselves

Everyone chooses to perform some actions, rather than others, for this reason, deliberately, he goes to heaven or to eternal damnation . We constantly have among ourselves the Queen of Peace who calls us to faith, but often we do not listen to her messages, we do not allow her invitation to a total change of course to penetrate our hearts.

“There is no doubt that, as it has not done in any other apparition, in Medjugorje , it gives regular messages that are a real form of evangelization. A maternal evangelization, simple but very profound and very Catholic, that is, absolutely in conformity with sound doctrine ”.

The hope of going to Heaven is real, like the possibility of recognizing ourselves in need of learning to love, so as not to be excluded, or rather, not to exclude ourselves, from the saving project of Christ. He has been hanging on the cross for more than 2000 years and, while he cries out to the world his sorrow for the suffering unjustly suffered , he pours his immense grace upon each of us, repeating to us that it is enough to look up at him to understand what to do with our earthly life.

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  • I ask why? There is obviously a reason why they choose this. Jesus died on 2000 years ago why is there still evil. We been doing this forever and ever but there is still much evil and decieptfullness and suffering. Where are the promised paradise and the good times

  • Help me Blessed Mother Mary to become what God wants me to be. You saved my life on March 18, 2008, please help me save my soul. Jesus, I trust in You.

  • @Jason, Paradise is when you persevere to the end of your life and attain eternal salvation

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