Fr. James Martin Distorts Debate on Gay Blessings

Father James Martin is at it again, causing confusion with his distorted views on Catholic teaching. In a recent interview, he went too far in his support of gay blessings, even referring to a gay couple as “married.”

This goes against the true meaning of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. It’s unfortunate that a priest would promote his own agenda rather than faithfully representing Christ and the teachings of the Church. Cardinal Victor Fernandez, author of the Fiducia Supplicans, has given an interview clarifying the text.

Timecodes 0:00 – Fr. James Martin sows confusion

0:42 – Fr. Martin blesses gay couple, calls them “married”

1:18 – True role of a priest, not ideologue

1:47 – the inversion, right-wing perspective

2:20 – Cardinal Fernandez offers clarification 3:03 – Cardinal will visit German bishops

3:12 – Fiducia Supplicans challenges German bishops

4:40 – blessing couples over unions

5:05 – blessing individuals over couples

5:55 – responding to media misrepresentations

6:33 – critique of German bishops

6:55 – valid concern

7:17 – support for a homosexual relationship

8:20 – schism, Catholics leaving Church

8:56 – Western ideological colonialism