The Madonna of Medjugorje is crying in Italy A miracle is cried out…Local Bishop to Investigate

From the Italian Website/Newspaper

Is it a Miracle?

So many questions among the citizens of Sperone, in the province of Avellino in Italy

Skepticism and devotion, faith and amazement, disbelief and certainty: there are many states of mind of the people.

The story has spread first locally, now it is widening and crossing the borders of the province of Avellino to create interest at the national level.

A stain, perhaps a tear, of a blood-red color runs down the image of the Madonna of Medjugorje.

For seven years that Madonna is kept in the home of an elderly woman of Sperone, in Via dei Funari.

These days has become a destination for visits by friends, acquaintances and relatives but also many curious, perhaps skeptical.

Nobody doubts the goodness of the story of the lady of Sperone: the image is under glass, in a locked bulletin board, impossible that a staging can be performed.

So, there is something to think about “superior” and for this the Curia Vescovile di Nola, competent for the territory, was interested.

No response was provided by the clergy.

Among the people of the street, for the people, we speak of a miracle.


Italian/Nat Around two-thousand worshippers gathered at an Italian church for the return of the Weeping Madonna, a statue said to have wept tears of blood. It’s the first time the statue was seen in public since prosecutors ordered an investigation in March. Officials in Civitavecchia now say the city’s set to become another Lourdes. There was celebration when Bishop Girolamo Grillo held the Weeping Madonna aloft before the crowd. The miracle of Civitavecchia began back in February when Fabio Gregori announced that the 17-inch ( 43-centimeter) statue of the Virgin Mary in his garden was weeping blood. The following Sunday two-thousand pilgrims visited his garden to pray before the plaster Virgin. Other people also swore they saw tears of blood on the statue’s cheeks. But then prosecutors ordered the statue to be locked up in the bishop’s house while they investigated possible violations of Italy’s “abuse of public credulity” law. Tests have now established that the blood is that of a white male but the owner of the statue has refused to undergo a blood test. In June, the bishop decided finally to set the Madonna free and return it to the pilgrims. VOXPOP: (Italian) “I haven’t seen her crying but I believe in her. This place has something special, it gives a feeling a peace that you can perceive. You know there is something special.” A special niche has been built in San Agostino Catholic church on the outskirts of Civitavecchia to house the statue. The Madonna was bought in August 1994 in Medjugorje, Slovenia by Pablo Martin who gave it as present to Fabio Gregori. Fabio has now given the statue to the church. He came to the ceremony Saturday with his five year old daughter, who was the first to claim she’d seen the statue cry. Around two-thousand people turned out to welcome the Madonna – but that was fewer than expected. SOUNDBITE (Italian) “Today, the authorities said they were expecting between five-thousand and 10- thousand people but that has to be verified.” SUPER CAPTION Mario Bomboi, City Council However the authorities believe the statue will soon bring thousands more to their city. They’re already preparing for Civitavecchia to become another Lourdes.