Morgan Freeman “We are at war with Russia” Why is Hollywood Pushing for War?

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Famous Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman is suffering from emotional stress, the Kremlin said on Wednesday in response to a campaign calling for an investigation into Russian interference into U.S. affairs.

In a video shared online on Monday, Freeman said the United States was “at war” with Russia.

The U.S. is carrying out three Congressional investigations and an independent special counsel probe into allegations that Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election in support of President Donald Trump.

The Committee to Investigate Russia, the non-profit group which published Freeman’s appeal, says it wants to help Americans “understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday dismissed Freeman’s words “as purely emotional” in a conference call with reporters.

“Many creative people fall prey to emotional stress without real information about the real state of things,” he was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.

The Committee to Investigate Russia lists director Rob Reiner and former U.S. National Intelligence Director James Clapper as two advisory board members. It states on its website that “too many Americans and too many of our elected officials are ignoring or not understanding Russia’s attacks against our country.”

Peskov described those leading the campaign as being in a state of “emotional exaltation, a continuation of a form of McCarthyism.”

“With time this will pass,” he said.

Also from Variety

WASHINGTON — Director Rob Reiner is joining a new group called the Committee to Investigate Russia, to highlight what is known about the Russian threat to interfere with American elections and other institutions.

The committee was scheduled to go live with a website on Tuesday at, as well as a video featuring Morgan Freeman. Reiner and David Frum of The Atlantic were expected to announce the launch of the group.

The committee’s advisory board members include Reiner; James Clapper, the former director of National Intelligence; Charlie Sykes, the conservative political commentator; Max Boot, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; and Norman Ornstein, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

In an interview, Reiner said that they are hoping to be a “one-stop shop where people can come and be made aware pop what the breaking news stories are today, the various investigations, what stages they are in, but also to the understand the history, and what the Soviet Union and now Russia has been trying to do for many, many years.” He also said that a goal is to understand “what cyberwarfare is all about.”

“Through Facebook and through other means, they were able to infect our democracy and our election system,” he said. “People don’t get it I guess because they don’t feel it. I guess it is like walking around with high blood pressure. You don’t feel bad, and then before you know it you drop dead from a heart attack. My concern is people don’t understand the gravity of what they were able to do.”

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  • Perhaps if those who want to make others aware of the Russian interference could provide some facts about their interference with the elections.

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