The world war that Satan has unleashed against the Catholic faith

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What Our Lady has revealed to us in all these years of her presence is the dramatic spiritual battle into which the world has entered. This is the world war that Satan has unleashed against Christ and the Church.

Our Lady, sent by her Son, took to the field not only to save the world from destruction, but first and foremost to save souls from eternal death. It is not for nothing that in Fatima as in Medjugorje, Our Lady showed the visionaries hell, into which the souls that darkness has seized fall.

This language is of pure evangelical origin and has been one of the fundamental themes of the Church’s pastoral action over the centuries. Now it has disappeared from catechesis and preaching, but in the meantime Satan “harvests souls”.

Satan’s weapons to destroy faith are not persecution, but seduction and deception, with which he lures souls into the swamp of evil that swallows them. At her service is the entire world, over which Satan reigns and which provides all the tools necessary to pollute hearts and shape brains to her liking.

Escaping this omnipresent dictatorship of evil is almost impossible if you do not use the love of prayer with which to save yourself first and foremost.

Without humble and constant prayer, with which we place ourselves before the Almighty, we are unable to escape the blindness of darkness, which hides us from ourselves and misleads us with its false light.

This situation will be particularly dramatic in the time of secrets, when false prophets and sellers of false salvation will multiply, drawing us into the web that the infernal spider has prepared.

For this reason, in our Gethsemane, we must pray incessantly, cry over our sins, entrust ourselves to Divine Mercy and seek refuge in the Immaculate Heart of the Most Pure Mary.

In these moments of prayer we recite the litanies of the Madonna one by one, so that they enter deeply into our hearts and penetrate our soul, to the point of making us “Her image” and instruments of Her presence and Her victory.

Ave Maria

Father Livio

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