Medjugorje: What will we do during the secrets?

Good morning Father Livio, I have been following you for over 20 years following a particular event that marked my family and I found the car radio tuned to your frequencies, since then I have been following you and helping you (as I can) constantly. 

I am no longer very young, I am a husband, father of two teenagers and I will not hide from you that my struggle as a father is to give Christian principles… values… that what until a few years ago was right, correct, healthy has become an impossible task… now it isn’t anymore

I see a constant and growing spread of immorality, no one helps the families who are the future of this world and if I have to be honest I am already at my limit… at my human limit during the future trials, during the secrets, how will we do it? Will we be able to survive these terrible trials unscathed, abandoned as we are?

Thank you, thank you again for everything you do and continue to do, pray for me and for all the Christian families in difficulty, I will pray for you.

Best regards 

Emiliano – Padua

Dear Emiliano,

we must not be discouraged by the evil that spreads and seems to overwhelm every obstacle, because in the end good will win, as it always has. We do our part, the rest will be done by God who sees everything and can do everything.

Precisely to give us help, Our Lady has been here among us for so long, to strengthen us in faith and so that we do not lose hope for a better future.

We must find our daily strength in prayer and knock on the Hearts of Jesus and Mary to ask for the graces we need, especially for our loved ones.

We must not be pure for the time of secrets because Our Lady will protect all those who turn to Her and who respond to Her call.

“Neither you nor your children nor your children’s children will regret it, he promised us in the apparition of January 1, 2024.”

Despite the difficulties in which we find ourselves, Our Lady reassures us that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph and the world will have a time of peace and prosperity

Ave Maria

Father Livio

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