Medjugorje: POWERFUL PRAYER TO AVOID WORLD WAR TO MARY QUEEN OF PEACE by Cardinal. Angelo Comastri: “Let us pray together …

O Mary, Queen of Peace, the winds of war are blowing again
that risk making rivers of blood flow in our Europe.
Two terrible world wars rocked Europe,
but we haven’t learned the lesson:
the absurd use of arms still holds ground in Europe.
Queen of Peace, intercedes for us so that God’s mercy
shatter the pride that opposes peoples
and moves the decisions of the foolish leaders of nations.
We are not worthy of being listened to because God has given us so much energy
and we turned it into bombs.
We even have arsenals full of atomic bombs!
All this money could be used to build schools,
hospitals and roads and to help third world peoples.
Queen of Peace, invoke for us the gift of Peace!
We do not deserve it but may your Immaculate Heart welcome the voice of all those
suffering the consequences of the war that has just begun
which could become a real catastrophe.
We are committed to sanctifying our families
and to multiply gestures of forgiveness and peace
to counterbalance the weight of hatred and pride
that gives birth to wars.
Queen of Peace, pray for us!
Card. Angelo Comastri