Jesus: ‘This prayer is not of the earth, but of Heaven, and it can get you everything.”…Jesus Entrusts Sister Maria Marta Chambon the powerful prayer to the Holy Wounds.

 “In truth, this prayer is not of the earth, but of the sky … and it can get everything”. 

The story of Devotion to the Holy Wounds of Jesus entrusted to Sister Maria Marta Chambon and of the powerful prayer to the Holy Wounds.

Jesus entrusted the mission of spreading Devotion to his Holy Wounds to Sister Maria Marta Chambon. In order to make her an ardent apostle, he confided to her the secrets of this Devotion several times.

He told her: ” I have chosen you to spread the devotion to my holy wounds in the difficult times in which we live”. ” Your riches? … It is my holy Passion!” It is necessary to come with faith and confidence, to draw constantly from the treasure of my Passion and from the holes of my wounds! This treasure belongs to you! Everything is there, everything, except hell!


One of my creatures betrayed me and sold my Blood , but you can easily redeem it drop by drop … just one drop is enough to purify the earth and you do not think it, you do not know its price! “

“The executioners have done well to pierce my side, my hands and my feet, so they have opened sources from which the waters of mercy eternally gush forth. Only sin was the cause you must detest. 

” My Father is pleased in the offering of my sacred Wounds and the sorrows of my divine Mother: to offer them means to offer his glory, to offer heaven to heaven.”

With this you have to pay for all the debtors! By offering my Father the merit of my holy wounds, you satisfy for all the sins of men “.

Jesus urges her , and with her too, to access this treasure. ” You must entrust everything to my holy wounds and work, for their merits, to the salvation of souls “.

He asks that we do it with humility

” When my holy wounds inflicted on me, men believed that they would disappear . But no: they will be eternal and will be eternally seen by all creatures. I tell you this because you do not look at them from habit, but you veer them with great humility.

The harvest is great, abundant: it is necessary to humble yourselves, to immerse yourselves in your nothingness to gather souls, without looking at what you have already done. You must not fear to show my wounds to souls … the path of my wounds is so simple and so easy to go to heaven! “.

He does not ask us to do it with the hearts of the Seraphim. Indicating a group of angelic spirits, around the altar during the Holy Mass, He said to Sister Maria Marta: “They contemplate the beauty, the holiness of God … they admire, they adore … you can not imitate them. 
As for you it is necessary above all to contemplate the sufferings of Jesus to conform yourselves, to approach my wounds with very warm, very ardent hearts and to rise with great fervor the aspirations to obtain the graces of the return that you solicit “.

He asks us to do it with burning faith: “They (the Wounds) remain completely fresh and it is necessary to offer them as for the first time. In the contemplation of my wounds lies everything, for oneself and for others. I’ll show you why you come into them “.

He asks us to do it confidently: ” You must not worry about the things of the earth: you will see, my daughter, in eternity what you have earned with my Wounds. 
The sores of my sacred feet are an ocean. Lead my creatures here: those openings are big enough to accommodate them all. “


We must pray because my holy wounds spread in the world

He asks us to do so in a spirit of apostolate and without getting tired: ” It is necessary to pray a lot because my holy wounds spread in the world ” ( At that moment, in front of the visionary’s eyes, five light rays rose from the wounds of Jesus. rays of glory that surrounded the globe ).

” My holy wounds support the world. It is necessary to ask for firmness in the love of my wounds, because they are the source of all graces.

them, talk about them and come back frequently to impress their devotion in the souls. Much time will be needed to establish this devotion: work therefore with courage.

All the words spoken because of my holy wounds give me an indescribable pleasure … I count them all. It is necessary, my daughter, that you compel those who do not want to come into my wounds “.

“My daughter: In the Crucifix you have everything”

One day when Sr. Maria Marta had a burning thirst, her good Master told her: “My daughter, come to me and I will give you water that will quench your thirst . In the Crucifix you have everything, you have to satisfy your thirst and that all souls. All you hold in my wounds, do concrete works not for enjoyment, but for suffering. Be a worker who works in the field of the Lord : with my wounds you will earn a lot and without effort “.

To Sister Maria Marta Chambon

1- “I will grant all that is asked of Me by the invocation of My holy wounds.Devotion must be spread “. 
2- “In truth this prayer is not of the earth, but of the sky … and it can get everything”. 
3- “My holy wounds support the world … ask me to love them constantly, because they are the source of all grace. It is necessary to invoke them often, to attract the next one and to impress their devotion in the souls “. 
4- “When you have pains to suffer, bring them promptly into My Wounds, and they will be softened”. 
5- “We must often repeat close to the sick: ‘My Jesus, pardon, etc.’ This prayer will lift the soul and the body “. 
6- “And the sinner who will say: ‘Eternal Father, I offer you the wounds, etc. …’ will get conversion”. “My sores will fix yours”.

7- “There will be no death for the soul that will die in My Wounds. They give true life “. 
8- “At every word you utter from the Crown of Mercy, I drop a drop of My Blood on the soul of a sinner”. 
9- “The soul who will have honored My holy wounds and has offered them to the Eternal Father for the souls of Purgatory, will be accompanied in death by the Most Blessed Virgin and the Angels; and I, shining with glory, will receive it to crown it “. 
10- “The Holy Wounds are the Treasure of the treasures for the souls of Purgatory”.
11- “Devotion to My Wounds is the remedy for this time of iniquity”. 
12- “From the wounds come the fruits of Holiness. By meditating them you will always find new love food “. 
13- “My daughter, if you immerse your actions in My holy wounds, they will acquire value, your least actions covered in My Blood will satisfy My Heart”.


(Use a common crown of the Holy Rosary)

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen 
O God, come and save me. 
O Lord, make haste to help me.

Glory to the father

The belief

1- O Jesus, divine Redeemer, have mercy on us and on the whole world. 
2- Holy God, strong God, immortal God, have mercy on us and on the whole world. 
3- O Jesus, through Your Most Precious Blood, give us grace and mercy in the dangers present. 
4 -O Father Eternal, for the Blood of Jesus Christ, Your only Son, we implore you to use us mercy. Amen.

On the grains of our Father we pray:

Eternal Father, I offer You the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ. To heal those of our souls.

On the grains of the Ave Maria, please:

My Jesus, forgiveness and mercy. For the merits of Your Holy Wounds.

After the recitation of the Crown is repeated three times: “Eternal Father, I offer You the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To heal those of our souls “.

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