Famous and Important Interview with Vicka

Source Fr. Livio’s Blog

Vicka of Medjugorje held five interviews live on Radio Maria, which are an important historical document on the apparitions of Medjugorje and a testimony of profound Marian spirituality. We publish them by dividing them into episodes.

(Fourth interview – Medjugorje 17 August 2005)

Italy you need not fear any danger. You must have more trust in God and in Our Lady and when you take the Rosary in your hand and pray, get on your knees, make a little sacrifice, a little fasting and the danger passes.

PL: Listen Vicka, it’s clear that this extraordinary adventure that has lasted 25 years now won’t last forever. A piece of news brought us back to reality when Father  Ljubo  telephoned us with the message of June 25th… You know that  Ivanka also had her annual apparition that day and Father Ljubo told us that during that apparition Our Lady spoke of the sixth secret. So we must say that the secrets are more alive and more current than ever and that if Our Lady explains them it means that they are there… you once said that with prayer they can be avoided however now you tell us that these secrets will come true. That is, how should we see these secrets which in any case are also a grace?

V: now I’ll explain a little… Our Lady has given me nine secrets up to now but she has already said that she will give ten.

PL: …and now what do you know about these new secrets, don’t you know what they contain?

V: Of course I know! But what I can say is only that Our Lady in the third secret stated that she will leave a tangible sign here on the mountain of apparitions, where she arrived for the first time. A sign that will remain forever. A sign of her presence among us and even stronger for those who are far from God…

PL: and do you know the date of this third secret, like all the others? …that is, do you know when they will happen?

V: I only know the date of this third.

PL: only this one, not the others.

V: I only have the numbers…

PL: What does just the numbers mean?

V: That there are ten and that I now only know nine.

PL: …but do you know what happens?

V: …of number seven I can say that Our Lady has already said that half of it has been canceled with our prayers, which She always recommends. Prayers can erase them. It depends only on us how ready we are.

PL: but it is clear, where it is possible to reason, if Our Lady for example explains the fifth secret to Ivanka, if she then explains the sixth, etc… it means that she has told you these secrets very little and then we need to delve deeper…

V: I can’t say what you explained to Ivanka, maybe you could explain a little better. I talk about what you gave me. I can say of the third and seventh that half was cancelled.

PL: well… we can say about these secrets, the third and the seventh, – from what we have heard – that they are the same for all six seers. But also for the other secrets, do you think they are all the same? 

V. I’m sure they’re all the same. I never needed to talk about this because I’m sure they are the same

PL: …but is it only Mirjana who had the task of revealing them, only her…?

V: yes only she knows that the Madonna has already finished with her. She knows more than us.

PL: but Our Lady said that Mirjana will reveal them, she is the one who tells them to Father Petar, right?

V: that’s his part. Afterwards she talks to us because Our Lady finished with her first and has already explained everything to her.

PL: What is your task? Don’t you know yet?

V: She gives everyone the task. She has given us this grace and we wait…

PL: This is very interesting… because it is clear that if Our Lady gives secrets to everyone there is a reason.

V: of course there is a reason. Afterwards she will explain to us, say and do when the time comes.

PL: when speaking with people we often try to imagine what the content of the ten secrets would be and many times I always say that if Our Lady came as Queen of Peace it is because peace is threatened and then I say that it may be that there are but also phenomena of nature… just this morning, rereading the messages of Our Lady, in a message from the early years she said: “you cannot imagine what God the Father is preparing”. So it seems almost useless to me to imagine what will happen because it goes beyond our thoughts…

V: of course! Even when there is the third secret, I can’t say more now…

PL: sure but what I wanted to say is that everything goes beyond our imagination.

V: Of course I understand what you say and I know that you understand me. I say what I can say with all my heart, you can’t do anything else.

PL: but do you confirm what you have said recently, that the ten secrets will necessarily come true?

V: Yes

PL: They are no longer changed, they are made.

V: They come true but it depends on us. We can change.

PL: We can change ourselves so by changing ourselves we are better prepared to face. So it seems right to say that secrets cannot be changed but we can change the consequences on ourselves, that is, we change because if we are better prepared we are stronger in facing them.

We are almost done… Vicka, since in our Italian society our politicians have told us that Italy is under imminent and continuous danger of terrorist attacks, what suggestions do you have for all those who have accepted the call to help our nation in particular?

V: Italy you need not fear any danger. You must have more trust in God and in Our Lady and when you take the Rosary in your hand and pray, get on your knees, make a little sacrifice, a little fasting and the danger passes. The danger comes and we are worried because we do nothing. Now we must seriously love God and Our Lady more and have trust.

PL: Vicka, when do you have your next appearance?

V: Tonight! 

PL: I would like to recommend the entire Radio Maria family to you.

V: of course! You know that the sick come first. the first word that comes out of the Madonna’s mouth is always for the sick. Our Lady blesses them and gives them strength and courage to be able to bear everything with love and heart. Then comes the rest. All people and everyone’s wishes that are recommended.

PL: we recommend to the Madonna the large family of RM among which there are many young people, many sick people, many families…

V: We help each other. When there is a blessing from him beyond, we can move forward.

PL: Let’s end with a prayer…

V: May the Queen of Peace bless all of you listeners with her love and peace. You know that your Vicka loves you so much, that I pray for you. I send you a big kiss, with all my heart and I hope to see you in Međugorje.

PL: So let’s say an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory be to the Father. 

V: Of course! for your intentions…

PL: we thank Vicka for this broadcast in which, with such generosity, she wanted to participate despite having recently returned from Ireland and having many things to do…

V: for Radio Maria I am always ready there is no tiredness, I am always at your disposal!

PL: Thank you Vicka, we count on your prayers!

(End of the fourth interview)