The Miracle that built the famous statue on Apparition Hill 20 years ago.

The statue of the Madonna on the Apparition Hill was erected on 8 September 2001

The statue of Our Lady on Apparition Hill was erected on 8 September 2001 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady in Bijakovići and Medjugorje.

It was placed by the inhabitants of Bijaković, and was bought by a Korean family after a grace received in 2001. That family consisted of a very powerful and atheist Korean man who had married a Christian.

She had never revealed her faith to her husband. When their child was born, suffering from epilepsy, however, the woman went to Medjugorje, to implore the little girl’s healing. This fact also brought her atheist husband there, who was converted when the Queen of Peace granted the requested miracle. The Korean ordered the statue, which was blessed and placed there on September 8, 2001.
That family goes to Medjugorje again every year as a sign of gratitude.

The locals, in agreement with the priests of the parish of Medjugorje, decided to place a statue of the Madonna on the hill of apparitions, to thank the Madonna for 20 years of grace and love and for having chosen the parish of Medjugorje as a place of their appearances.

The statue of the Madonna is made according to the model of the same in front of the parish church of San Giacomo in Medjugorje (1987) which today has become one of the symbols of the sanctuary.

The model was made by the Italian pilgrim Dino Felicia.

At the foot of the statue the words “I am the Queen of Peace 25-06-1981” recall the message in which Our Lady of Medjugorje presented herself as Queen of Peace. “I came to tell the world that God exists and that in God there is life. Those who find God will find peace and life. ”
This point of the Hill has become a place of rest and meditation, where pilgrims stop to pray, each gathered in his own inner dialogue with the Virgin, each in search of help, comfort, relief from the weight of life. On the Podbrdo, if you listen carefully and keep quiet, you can feel her breath, her light and delicate breath that caresses your skin, that penetrates your bones and makes you feel her maternal kiss. He talks to you about her, confirms his invisible presence but absolutely real, concrete and certain. And in that place you feel that she refreshes the soul, re-oxygenates the spirit, awakens from the sleep of routine and rekindles in us the desire to live. And going down the hill you can well say that you have experienced the living presence of Mary. There the invisible becomes visible.

The white statue is placed on the exact place where the Gospa promised to leave a sign “visible, indestructible, filmable, permanent and that only God can give” to show that she has really been here among us in these years.

On the night between 28 and 29 August 2008, someone hit the statue with a hammer, scarring it in the face and taking off its left hand; it was quite impressive to see the mutilated statue, without that hand with which it seemed to indicate to the Father the needs of the children; She who is our advocate. But if we want, in the light of this incomprehensible fact, we can see the realization of a spiritual reality that Mary had already foretold: “You who live my messages, be light and hands extended to this non-believing world so that everyone can know the God of love “(25.11.2001). We are that missing hand, detached from the Mother to reach all those who are far away and give them her caress, the comfort, the consolation of Mary.

A few days later, in the first days of September 2008, someone maliciously ignited a fire in several places on the hill of apparitions which was almost completely on fire. When the fire, driven by the strong wind, reached about 10 meters from the mutilated statue, it suddenly changed direction, leaving that holy place intact.